Your Homicidol Halftime Show

Maybe you like Coldplay and Beyonce and Bruno Mars and Left Shark. Those are okay things to like! But if the Super Bowl halftime show isn’t your bag, why not spend that time with some homicidols instead?

For the edification of new friends, these are BiS, Babymetal, Fruitpochette and BiSH. But there are plenty of performers taking idol and going in a harder, darker direction with it, so click around on the site, follow up on “The Artists” in the nav and leave comments to let us know what you think!

These Girls Know What Time the Super Bowl Is

While there’s inevitably confusion about when the kickoff of the Super Bowl, Super Bowl 50, will be held, the fact is that the actual information has been put out there by the NFL, both the Broncos and the Panthers, and officials from both Denver and Carolina franchises, have all but announced exactly when the game will start.

But it doesn’t matter if you’re going to prop bet or just want to make sure that you don’t miss the kickoff of Super Bowl 50, because these girls can tell you exactly when kickoff of the Super Bowl will be.

While you wait for kickoff, which is definitely at 6:30 just like every TV station and website and everything else has been saying for forever, enjoy the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist and give this site a cruise-around.

The hard side of idol is a lot bigger than Babymetal. Exciting things are happening. Pay attention.