Inside the Studio with REGiNA KiSS

I have jokes, but I am refraining from the jokes for the time being because I also have a shtick, and that shtick includes my being extremely supportive of REGiNA KiSS, so forgive me for not saying anything about recording and how idol singles sometimes sound and anybody being confused, and there will definitely not be any jokes about numbers of people that can be crammed into a recording booth. Nope! Instead, let’s focus on this sucker:

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Awesome ayumikurikamaki Studio Session Videos

I spied these over on the Idolmetal & Alternative Idol Facebook page earlier; the local Ayukuma contingent will love ’em, I thought.

And then I started to think about why it is that three grown-ass women would, on the day that they’re going to participate in a studio session with a live band, bother to put on their idoling costumes. Plush bear gloves and hoods and tennis dresses must get hot as hell, right?

And then it hit me: THEY CAN’T TAKE THE SUITS OFF.

To get over the shock of that revelation, have this astonishingly adorable photo of Ayumi.

I don’t kawaii often, but when I do, it’s for things like this.