You Dumb Jerks, Shibuya P.R. Is Breaking up Because They Weren’t Loved Enough

Just kidding about the jerks thing, btw. More or less.

But! As I am wont to do, I was looking at Good bye, Idol and saw a familiar name in the feed:

This had better be one of those “a member is graduating” things, is what I thought.

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Welcome to the Rock Club, Shibuya PR

Got some work to do this holiday Saturday? Need a little burst of energy and maybe to have a nice chorus get stuck in your head for a while? Never say that I don’t deliver.

I’m kind of dying inside because I can’t remember how this particular little gem came to my attention, but that’s okay; it’s Shibuya PR (Twitter), the “PR” standing for “pessimistic rhapsody,” and … sure, that’s a fine name. They call their music “emotional pop,” which I guess is a nice way of saying that they like fast rhythms and lots of guitar.

They aren’t new by a long shot, going back a few years and several releases so far; this is the teaser for their first album:

So here’s another that we can add to the list of idols to follow a little more closely.