A Friday Fun to Be Thankful For

Last week, you had us all fooled with your totally not real motivational (and no so much) idol quotes! Wow, I can’t believe Chittiii really said that!

While discussing this week’s Fun with the Homicidols team, the idea floated around of making a Thanksgiving-themed fun. #IdolThanks perhaps? But, me being British, Thanksgiving means nothing to me except “You mean we stole Black Friday from this but not an extra delicious turkey dinner?” so instead, here’s something more relevant to me; getting mad at WACK!

A documentary of this year’s WACK audition, also known as “Trivago Hell: The Movie” is coming out in January! Anyone else just got a pang of misery? Well, so did the people making this movie, because even the title is literally called “The World’s Saddest Audition” in Japanese! Also, doesn’t this title sound so exploitable? To come up with even sadder audition scenarios perhaps? Continue reading