Vivid Chicken Goes out in Style

You know how when you have particular plans to do a thing but before you start the thing you give the ol’ TL a visit, and then you see people referring to another thing and that thing is actually kinda more interesting than the first thing, so you shift gears and decide to do the new things instead of the old thing? That’s enough stretching out that sentence. Yes, that was today, just know, when I saw this MV (released today!) from Vivid Chicken (it’s been a minute since I posted about them in a real thing!) and gave it a spin and immediately thought you’d really like it:

That’s a lot of fun! I love a lot of things, two of which immediately pertain to this song, and they are punk anthems and idols. Smash ’em together? Even if the idols in question don’t typically do punk anthems? That’s a tasty burger, friends. And if the meat and cheese are good and the jalapenos are grilled as opposed to plain? Tasty, spicy and filling. This is some beautiful vintage stuff. Man, I really ho–

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#AdoptAnIdol Update: I May Have Chosen Poorly

While there’s tremendous sonic potential in PoroPoro Baroque, the subject of the Adopt-an-Idol pilot, and they were allegedly supposed to have their debut this past Thursday, March 3, they most certainly have not debuted and are still two anime-looking characters being tweeted out by somebody working for Daichi. But this happened:

If you’re new to this idol business, here’s a short explanation: They were going to debut when they got to 500 Twitter followers, but now they’re going to wait until they get to 1,000. BiSH did that, basically. It’s manipulative and (for purposes of this exercise) annoying, but it is what it is.

I really hope that telling management about this project didn’t inspire the delay.

So let’s keep going for now, and maybe we’ll still get an outcome worth talking about. We can reassess after.

UPDATE: At least here’s some visual confirmation that they’re two real human beings do some promo work! via Idol 2.0

PoroPoro Baroque members flyering to promote their idol group