Mizuki Rin’s New Project Makes Me Think of the Ramones for a Stupid Reason

As it turns out, Rin was not in fact joining the 564 REBOOT doodad that’s officially debuting soon, but has been spun off as a solo project separate from Lyric Holic:

Sure, Rin. Knock yourself out. You’re terrifying.

Bonus points for anybody who can explain the title of this post!

Speculate Away! Mizuki Rin Coy about Relationship with 564 REBOOT

The Artist Formerly Known as Lynne Francoise of Lyric Holic would seem to have moved into a “normal” life, but for some recent tweets of, hm, dance activity with a certain member of 564 REBOOT.

And if you follow along the conversations that stem from that, you can see people asking the right questions and of course getting the non-committal answers.

“Naw,” you say, “they’re probably just friends hanging out. In a dance studio. While one is in an idol group that’s known to be seeking members and the other just left an idol group, and those two groups are historically friendly, and they’re wearing shirts that …” and you trail off because you realize that all good sense says to just accept the probability of Gekiholic 564.

I will never not be amused by idols.