I Think Maria May Be Judging Us a Little

Damn, it’s been a little while since we last saw Maria, huh? I was just minding my own business on Facebook yesterday, too, when I stumbled up this:

Oo, new song and video? Don’t mind if I do! Continue reading

The ‘White Wedding’ of Kawaii: Meet Maria

I honestly kept trying to find a halfway decent approximation for what this song reminded me of, and ultimately settled on Billy Idol (the post-punk 80s rocker responsible for like half of my wedding soundtrack, not the possibly troubled punk idol group ostensibly named after him).

Meet Maria (Twitter). The above is their third single, “テッペン Girl” released about a month ago. I’ve seen them floating around the international idol stream and always kind of wondered what they sounded like — you try searching “Maria idol” on YouTube and see what you come up with, okay? Now we know!