You Owe It to Yourself to Play This Game with Us

Kerrie, whose Redbubble includes great gifts this holiday season, is back, and with her most diabolical plan yet!

This weekend, we make an idol’s dream some true (and do the same to another who probably didn’t ask for it)!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of Gif Party Friday posts lately. I’ve been extremely busy with both personal things and other stuff related to Homicidols (-cough- end-of-year-awards show) so things have been a bit on-and-off.

Here’s the best of the last gif party! [Maniac: No. Nobody played this game. You guys are butts.]

Today, we come with a request, courtesy of BiS’s own Kika Front Frontalle, who tweeted this the other day:

Too Japanese Didn’t Read: She has given us a great Photoshop opportunity and wants us to take advantage of it.

That’s right, today and over the weekend, your job is to Photoshop Kika’s Funky Face however you please! Here’s some I made earlier: Continue reading