I Have a Big Stupid Smile on My Face and It’s Hauptharmonie’s Fault

I feel a little bit badly that the world’s coolest jazz & swing & whatever they want idols only managed to get a single spot into the Best of 2016 finals, but the truth is that they narrowly missed on the album, video and song finals, and I reckon that they’ll be all up in our business next year.

Perhaps sensing that we, their loyal fans, needed to be placated and/or bribed, they dropped this nice little chunk of live video on us, including the tasty breakout “Kidnapper Blues”:

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Look, It’s Live Hauptharmonie Rehearsal Footage!

And not just any rehearsal footage, but their work with the Tapferkeit Band (which I’m taking as their version of the Kami Band) that will accompany them at their one-man at LIQUID on Friday:

If you happen to be in the vicinity, here are the details:

I have no idea why the title of their album is listed as “Mein Kampf” on that image, but … look, they just aren’t as sensitive about these things in Japan, all right? “Kopf” and “Kampf” maybe look similar? I dunno.

This for just in case you weren’t aware that Hauptharmonie ist besonders gut:

Like Jazz Night in Hell: New MV and Album Trailer from Hauptharmonie

I was recently having an offline conversation with someone who asked me who “my” idols are; like, yeah, I have this site and I promote pretty much everything that comes my way, even if it’s obvious that I’m personally not that enthused about it, but who am I really in the bag for?

At this very moment, nobody’s exciting me more than Hauptharmonie, and they just gave two great reasons why.

“Kidnapper Blues” had a nice moment in the sun here before, but now it’s out in terrifyingly bleak music video form!

If I have to sell somebody else’s soul to make jazzcore a legitimately big-time thing, I’ll sell all of your souls.

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