This Week, Let’s Mix and Match Idols Like Funny Socks

I am a man of my word. The other day, Kerrie said to me, Maniac, I’m far too important a person to do the gif party, so it’s up to you to get it done. And I said, Kerrie, you go ahead and be important, I’ll take care of everything. And then I realized that it’s my damn website anyway and if there was going to be a gif party, I needed to be responsible about it.

So! You know how these things work by now. I am, however, also somewhat pressed for time between work and house stuff, so I’m going to un-gif the gif party and instead take us in a similar thematic direction to the kinds of weirdness we’ve been doing, but simplify the medium. This might be what you kids would call a meme party.

The theme? #IdolSwap. Think about some of your favorite idols. Now think about some of your favorite groups. Now think about how your favorite group might benefit from having another favorite swapped in. Like so, in the banner!

That is so mean

So that’s the assignment. I was originally going to limit it to one switch per group, but then I thought, let’s see just how creative people can get. Mix and match. Make a group better; make a group worse. Hell, develop a super group of your own. Just remember to use the #IdolSwap hashtag on Twitter and/or post entries in the comments here on or Facebook.

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