Get into the Season with an Idol Advent Calendar

Let’s play a game, shall we? No, not the Friday Fun, though we should all of course play that, especially if it’s Watanabe-related, as doing so gives Garry the vapors. But no, today, I thought that we might all enjoy becoming part of a big ol’ community wide project of appreciation that’s perfect for this time of year and even have a handy-dandy existing model to ride shotgun with.

If you’re Christian, or even just familiar with Christian (and Christian-derived and/or Christian-appropriated) holidays, you know that Christmas is right around the corner. You may also be aware of the church season called Advent, which is basically the equivalent of watching the BiS audition, except that you know who wins before it even starts, and also it’s several weeks long. Many people, in fact, dispense with the liturgical trappings and cut right to the chase, turning Advent into a functional Days in December until Christmas thing. And, because it’s cool and good to find ways to spruce up the holidays despite their high degree of pre-existing spruce, folks often have Advent calendars that, on a daily basis, dispense candy or toys or booze to mark the passage of time until baby Jesus’s birthday.

Basically, Advent calendars are boss as hell, and Things That Are Boss As Hell is a category that includes idols, so it only stood to reason that somebody — in this case, our very own Papermaiden — would find a way to combine the two: Continue reading