This Is What Happens When Societies Crumble: The Mask Girls Stump for Trump

Nope, still can’t believe that this is a video that exists and has been watched by me. Our 2016 Homicidols Corenament champions have decided to throw their influence into American presidential politics.

You know that thing that puppies do, where they cock their head to the side and it just keeps going until they’re basically horizontal? That’s literally how I feel here.

  1. Where did they get all of that stuff?
  2. Whose idea was it to get all of that stuff?
  3. Is this a real endorsement? Satire? An excuse to Genkidane?

Regardless, it’s basically impossible to not love the fact that somebody associated with Kamen Joshi (I’m looking in Anna’s direction) was sitting around and thought, “Yeah, I agree, let’s make America great again! The best way to do that is by a song-and-dance number that sends positive energy to a highly polarizing political candidate! There’s no way that our fans in Mexico would object to this!”

Happy Sunday.