See You! Babymetal and DC a Great Combination

I can’t even kid around about how much better the show at the Fillmore Silver Spring was than that ughperience in Philadelphia.

Before moving on: I have nothing negative to say about Babymetal’s performance at the Electric Factory. They weren’t at their best, and I think that Yui may have been battling some illness or other discomfort, but it was a certain percentage of the fans who created a less-than-positive experience for many others. It was nonetheless a very good and overall enjoyable show.

That being said, the Silver Spring experience was so completely positive that it should be bottled and sold (by a vendor other than GoMerch) as a curative for anything that ails ya.

Am I being biased because this was my first local show? Probably not; I may live in the DMV, but I share most transplants’ generally lukewarm opinion of lots of local things. And for what it’s worth, everybody I talked to at the after party who had also been to Philly agreed.

Now for the show itself: Continue reading