Zsasz’s Anniverzsary Gift

Do you remember the first time you saw your favourite idol? It might not have been the first time you saw a picture of them, but the first time the primal instincts activated in your brain and the chemicals started flooding out, making you realise that yes, this is the person you want to support forever? Zsasz absolutely know how you feel and, in celebration of their second anniversary as a group, dropped a new music video for “Otaku no Uta!”

We’ve written a lot recently about the combination of Vocaloid producers using human girls in place of, y’know, Vocaloids.  But even in that niche, Zsasz are a standout act for sure. Utsu-P‘s pounding drums, heavy bass and fast as hell BPM deliver the goods constantly and “Otaku no Uta” is no exception. Ado can dominate the charts, but like any true punk rocker, Utsu-P and Zsasz are dominating the dive bars, the live houses, the shady basement venue with a stage made of cardboard. This is that kind of music, with a unique twist.

Lyrically the song is a treat too, it’s all about love. The special kind of love that only wota and oshi know, where you absolutely have to give them all of your love and the contents of your wallet. It’s as self-aware just as much as it’s self indulgent but most importantly: it rocks. Thanks to one very diligent fan, we already have a lyric translation for this along with the rest of their discography too! So everybody be sure to say thank you to Voidicum.

Currently the song is only available on YouTube but that’s only for the time being. After this article was published, they announced it’ll be the A-side of an upcoming single!

So while we’re all watching the video on YouTube as much as we can until the 17th of November, let’s all remember to be thankful for the edit button. See you then!