Zsasz Dropped a Little Zszomething

Holy zszhit! After starting out strong with their dark take on Neverland with Peter Peter, months of teasers on Twitter and a quick YouTube drop of Shokuji/EAT, Zsasz’s digital debut is finally here!

For those not in the know, Zsasz are produced by the legendary and incredibly handsome gothic Vocaloid producer UTSU-P! Eagle eared listeners might have even heard several of their songs before, for instance the lead track on the album originally had vocals from digital diva Kagamine Rin. We at Homicidols tried to reach out to Miss Kagamine to learn how she feels about the cover of her song, but on account of her not being a real person she just didn’t want to give any comments! Celebrities can be so difficult.

Another standout from the guerrilla drop is Nuigurumi ni Naritai (I Wanna Become a Stuffed Animal), originally with vocals from Vocaloid Mayu who unsurprisingly also ignored our attempts at an interview.

Idol rock as a genre is all about blending the unconventional together, and what could be more unconventional than blending a team of gothic models with a true ace in the business of digital pop stars? There’s almost more Cultural Mixing than Kaqriyoterror here! With a combo of original songs and their covers of Utsu-P’s Vocaloid works, Zsasz are already proving to be a strong newcomer who everyone will definitely be seeing a lot more of.

If you’re hungry for more after songs like Shokuji/EAT, why not dig in to Utsu-P’s discography on Spotify and hey, maybe you’ll find a new favourite that the Zsasz factory are cooking up their own take on.