Zenkimi will Play the Budokan!!

We knew ahead of time that the April 3rd show at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL would be a big night for Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. Not only was it one of the largest one-man lives Zenkimi has ever attempted, but it also marked the final show and graduation of members, Yukinojou Oyatsu and Amanechi An.


After an understandably emotional encore, Codomomental made a series of announcements that took the evening from significant to a landmark occasion.

The first news to drop was that Nene Komochi will be joining Zenkimi as the Star Ball Mace member. 

Komochi will be pulling double duty for for now as she will also continue on as an active member of Seireki13ya.

The big news dropped next: Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. has booked a date to play the Budokan.


Playing the Budokan is, of course, an entry on every entertainer’s bucket list. The members of Zenkimi will be able to officially check that item off next March 15th (2023). 

There were two more announcements, but after the Budokan news, everything else seems a bit anticlimactic: Zenkimi will launch the  GreedbygreeD TOUR in early May: a series of band-set lives to take place throughout the summer in 7 cities nationwide.


They will also be dropping a 15-track album of re-recordings with the new member line-up on April 27th. Since this will be the third time releasing an album of re-recordings, it will be appropriately named, QEDtri.

So, here’s to hoping that travel restrictions on tourists entering Japan will be lifted in time for us Westerners to witness Zenkimi’s biggest live ever in person.

5 thoughts on “Zenkimi will Play the Budokan!!

  1. OMG I have woken up in heaven. Not only are ZKNSD my fav idol group (apart from Not Secured Loose Ends), but they have my favourite Idol MeiYuiMei as a member. My ultimate dream is to see them live and another life ambition is to see a live show at the Budokan. Also my other favourite idol is Nene Komochi.
    I have wanted to visit Japan again and seeing a live Idol show (amongst other things) is on the list. Have been watching the Japan covid restrictions like a hawk waiting for them to allow overseas visitors
    So to have ALL these things happening is literally making me quiver with excitement and say OMG to my self over and over again. All WE can do now is pray for restrictions to be eased allowing us to go in March (or for the tour later next year).

  2. And it is happening around the time of cherry blossom season, so there’s the potential to tick yet another item off the bucket list. All we need is permission to enter the country. Fingers crossed!

  3. Yey 🙂 Do we know how to apply for the Budokan tickets yet? Going to Hiroshima is also on my bucket list, but maybe restrictions won’t be lifted in time to be able to go to that one in June. So all it needs now for my life to be complete is for Babymetal to announce that the Other One black box will reveal that Yuimetal is rejoining BM and has all the solo recordings she has done since departing BM…. and their first gig will in my Hometown 🙂

    • No word yet on when the Budokan lottery will start and/or how difficult it will be to enter from overseas. We shall see!

      • Yes indeed. The Codomomental website is way out of date , so no help there. We shall be relying on you to keep us updated with any ticket news (no pressure 🙂 ) . You are right applying for anything in Japan from overseas is never easy and often impossible. Thanks again for all your brilliant posts 🙂

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