Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s New Video Is So Very Them

What a thing to wake up late to! I didn’t think for a second that Zenkimi would be dropping more video on us so soon, even after the photos from the shoot popped up last week. Shoulda remembered that this is Codomomental that we’re talking about!

Stick around for the end-end

This is the lead off of the recent Anima Animus PRDX album (no, apparently not “World End Crisis”), and it sums up the denpa-riven half of the album very well.

But let’s talk about this bonkers-ass video for a second. It’s like a visual representation of mixed metaphors, if metaphors were fairytale tropes and Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da were everything from Eve to Little Red to … well, again, watch to the end for the St. Elsewhere part — it’s not as trippy as that, but I guess it’s a fitting way to say probably-goodbye to Gomochi.

3 thoughts on “Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s New Video Is So Very Them

  1. This was a funny video (the scene with the dancing with the wolves *no not that Kevin Costner movie* LOL). Classic symbolism with the apple as a forbidden fruit. The camera work was pretty good and the horns was a cute look. Also it seems like they made this video as Gomochi’s swan song. I noticed Mashiro was carrying two apples as opposed to the others who each had one. Maybe it was a thought as the other one for Aza.

    And are the wolves the “fans” who were found guilty or the fans who wanted to persecute the girls? I noticed manager lady was the one to distract and strike first if that means something (or I’m just reaching haha) and the wolves eventually bowed and asked for forgiveness when they realized they were being beat. Is Gomochi the only one to awaken because she’s ultimately leaving the dream and going into the real world or is it that she’s merely escaping the drama of the nightmare?

    Oh yeah, and Yotsu with that right hook!

  2. Everything about this PV is great. I am a big fan of the costumes, simultaneously adorable and frumpy. The song is an agreeable mess too.

    I love the videography, there’s nothing aesthetically bad about this video (as expected of Codomomental!).

    I love the Gomochi focus and I’ll miss her throughly. I need to put money aside to be able to see them live~

  3. Also supporting Major’s observations, Mashiro’s secondary color in this PV is Lavender, which would fit for an Asa hommage.

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