Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da & the ‘WORLD END CRISIS’ Are Back

Another two-hour window, folks. Will be repeatedly updating; I doubt very much is different from what we had before. This is the one with Tsurezure’s Shidare guesting on harsh vocals and blowing your mind.

Remember to use #WEC if you’re tweeting about it. They like when you use their hashtags.

Here’s where the file lives forever unless Zenkimi takes it down.

The lyrics are a little different this time:

刺して犯した 何処の奥まで
決して、日和った? 意気地なし。
Where is Freud? 宵と欲動
インモラルくれいぶ ( The Order…

賭して奪った 星の数だけ
欠けて腐った さようなら…
焦がれてく 大罪bluff 逆さま NO AI

下弦 月が照らす 怪者達ヨ その目は…

震えてる今も ”あたしはどこ?”
この首絞めるの? 堕ちるのダレ?

in dark diver. With XXX
But , I can not. Are not move legs
To your lingering scent, what intensely numbness.
So not a move from here . but you do not.
Overwhelming loneliness

迷い苦悩痛みもがき 求めずにはいられない
咎を背負い歩く ゆえに 奇祭とツミビト

震えてる暇も 時間もない
慟哭は絶えず 鳴り散る
この首絞めるの? 堕ちる雫
あなただけが “触れるの…”

溶ける脳と想い 俯瞰 届かない? 夢物語?
違う! 張り裂けるこの胸 汚れを汚して。

震えてる今を。 “あたしはなに?”


3 thoughts on “Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da & the ‘WORLD END CRISIS’ Are Back

  1. Meh, I liked the rawness of the original cut of this song new one introduces too much extra effects for my liking, but I guess the core of the songs still there and I’ll get used to it in due time, did like the little extra guitar right at the end tho that was a nice touch.

      • I’m sure I will come to like the new version more eventually I’ve only listened a few times might just need more time to pick up on the subtle differences and nuances of the new mix, there were a few things I thought were really nice and a few choices mainly with the vocals that I didn’t agree with, too much reverb in places and they made some of the singing parts to artificial, usually can tell who’s singing but sometimes I can’t with the newer songs

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