Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Never Slows Down

Because it’s idol, and because why would you stop even for a minute to count the luchre ill-gained by notoriety, and also it’s idol and that’s not how it works, the Queens of Yami-kawaii in Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da will be releasing their fourth (currently untitled) single on April 26:

Though how funny would it be if they kept the “TBA” title the same way that they kept “Mudai Gasshou,” which was definitely deliberate but I feel like stirring some stuff this morning

They’ll support it with a nine-city/10-show one-man tour, and that’s absolutely bonkers when you consider that they just finished a 3×3 city/show tour and that felt like it was kind of ambitious for idols to take on.

So count it up with me. Before their second birthday: Two digital singles, four singles, two albums, one compelling membership scandal thing … not bad at all, Zenkimi. Not bad at all.

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