Zekkyou’s Getting Started on Repeating as Award Winners, I Think

This is a neat bit of news: Our very own 2016 Collaboration of the Year winners, Screaming Sixties (and their founders/friends in 6% Is Mine), are going to be putting out an album … with another band!

In the spring, with Zekkyou on lyrics and I love you Orchestra on music. I wonder if they mean “album” album or “we didn’t know how long it would be so just called it that for now” album.

Even after a little run through Twitter, I feel like I still don’t know anything meaningful about I love you Orchestra, and where this partnership started to get legs (I get notified when Zekkyou tweets, and I don’t recall having seen the band referenced until really recently). So, you know, help out if you can.

What I did get from Twitter is that this show is happening:

In a while, but still. I’m okay with everybody there being friends!

3 thoughts on “Zekkyou’s Getting Started on Repeating as Award Winners, I Think

  1. Been to a few of their Otsuka Hearts+ things with ILYO and Geekstreeks, so it makes sense. ILYO usually invite the idol guests (usually Zekkyou +1) and perform with them. Seen them play Guso, 2& and some other group’s songs before. Afterwards, Zekkyou, ILYO and Geekstreets all converge upstairs in an izakaya with the fans (get the biggest room and all just go) and we all drink together. Well, apart from Montero who just orders 5 plates of meat and then sits in a corner and eats on her own. The crossover between fans is getting better too, as during ILYO lives the Zekkyou fans have introduced wotagei, two-stepping and the patented Taishi Roll (Taishi’s a Zekkyou fan who has glowsticks and is always rolling them whilst kecha-ing). ILYO have taken it to heart and Taishi roll right back, and come and stagedive or do other things during Zekkyou lives. It’s mutual respect and friendship that forged this collab, not corporate grubbing.

    Also this song is the shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIUgju-teRE

  2. Btw, Zekkyou did a cover version of the song “Small Money, Sweet Honey” which appeared as a bonus track on the end of the last I Love You Orchestra album “Crack”. It’s really good.

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