Yuzuki Goes Way Beyond Q’ulle

So after that last little bit of Q’ulle, I was scrolling through their feed for an overview of what all they’ve been up to lately (besides owning so hard, that is), and my eyes caught something that’s what you would probably consider to be a little atypical for the elegant, fashion-line-owning dance idols:

What the heck is that! Why, it’s a solo project from Yuzuki, naturally!

Aptly named YUZUKINGDOM, it sees her join up with RYU from BLOOD STAIN CHILD to … “We proudly present her new Metal & Hardcore project YUZUKINGDOM.”

/Maniac begins sweating profusely

It’s going to be really good, isn’t it? Like, really loud and nasty and gruesome and she’s going to uncork some harsh-ass vocals and I’m going to jump to completely unreasonable conclusions. Right?


Yuzuki isn’t going to let that change her at all, though, right?

She did pretend to have three kids for April Fools, so

The album is out in June. Hold me.

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