Yurapico Launches Solo Project

Yurapico launched her career as a solo idol just days ago and it’s already off to a fantastic start. The current member of APOKALIPPPS and former member of Guso Drop and BURST GIRL dropped the announcement of her solo project on Monday and has since held her introductory live and released two singles and two MVs.

“magic beat” is a frenetic pop punk tune that perfectly captures Yurapico’s exuberant sprit. The MV also does an impeccable job of highlighting Yurapico’s signature style of all-out dance. The tune is by Ryo Sakura of C-GATE who also composes music for Poetreep.

“Ikiteiku” is also up-tempo but stretches into a more contemplative track. Yurapico’s vocals sound poignantly earnest here and the MV will hit fans of BURST GIRL with a dose of bittersweet nostalgia as it evokes memories of the unit’s last livestream jog. The feeling may be enhanced by the fact that the tune is composed by yossy of Castaway who also wrote BURST GIRL’s “DEAD or ALIVE”.

These are two excellent songs that near perfectly evoke Yurapico’s “Kill ’em with a smile” persona. The #YuraSmile solo catalog is off to an incredibly strong start.

“magic beat” will be released as a  CD single called “PEACE for SMILE” on July 20th along with a tune called “NEGATIVE is not EYE” composed by CHIiiichan of the legendary punk band Laughin’ Nose. If you can’t wait that long, they are both available right now on your streaming service of choice:

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