Yuna :*(

Got to wake up to very bad news this morning. I’ll thank Papermaiden for messaging it without trying to soften the blow: “Yuna out of PassCode.”

It’s been a few years since Yuna first went on hiatus due to an ovarian cyst, and the way her and management’s statement reads, the pressure of performing eventually just got to be too much. You know she was taking a break from the STRIVE tour over the last several weeks — a break that in retrospect feels more like “take a few weeks off and think about it” than “get your rest” — so I can’t blame her for not feeling like coming back was the way to go.

As a very long-time Yuna stan, this is obviously terrible. As far as I’m concerned, she’ll go down in history as the first absolute master of harsh vocals in idol, and her style — imitated many times over — added so much to PassCode’s sound that they never could have possibly been the PassCode he know and love without her. Imada Yuna is a one-of-a-kind talent, and though we’ll miss her, her imprint is so indelibly on this thing we love that she’ll never really be gone.

(Except in the cheki line of course.)

On the flip, this sounds like Yuna’s best way to live. She clearly loves to perform or she wouldn’t have come back and slogged through four years of up-and-down health, likely mental as well as physical; to give it up just a few months out from the biggest moment of her performing life must mean that she really is miserable. And so if it makes Yuna happier to go out with her head high, maybe show up for guest spots at big gigs, then I’m happy for her.

What of PassCode, though? Yes, two paragraphs after praising Yuna as an absolute lynchpin of a member, I have to acknowledge that we-B not only makes no indication of any kind of blip beyond the membership announcement, they in the literal same breath want us to know about their best-of collection:

Counterpoint: An intern may have been fired today

I have questions about the general future — new member? are Yuna’s vocals on the STRIVE album? what does PassCode look like at Budokan? etc. — but let’s keep this about the world’s tiniest demon-voiced whirlwind of destruction. Cheers and good luck to you, Imada Yuna. Your impact was large; you earned your peace.

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  1. I just came here to say I’m still sad about Yuna. I’m sure PassCode will forge on with a new screamer eventually, but Budokan and their overall future just got very foggy. (Also yes those are Yuna’s vocals on STRIVE)

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