Yukueshirezutsurezure Was Interviewed to Commemorate Their Album Release; Here’s the Translation

You-know-who has struck again, friends, and again we are the happy beneficiaries of his largesse. Tsurezure gave this interview to Natalie.mu, published last week on the occasion of the release of Post-Catastrophe, and the English translation is ours to enjoy.

Make sure to thank our benefactor, you guys. I have a review of the album coming, but that’s not going to be half as interesting as what we’re able to read thanks to the Anonymous One’s generosity. It all lives after the jump.

YukueShirezuTsureZure’s first album “Post Kata-strophy” has been released.

Since forming aboout 1 year ago, members have left and joined, and the girls continue broadening their base with their agitative activities.

With the current formation including 2 new members, Kokoko and Tsuyame, they group released their first album of their career. Music Natalie interviewed the girls about their feelings towards the album and the current state of the group.

From the 3rd concert onwards, “With these members we’ll succeed”

–It has been around 6 months since Tsuyame and Kokoko joined. How do you feel now?

Tsuya: It’s been 6 months since our first gig, huh.

Kokoko: It feels like we’ve been doing this for a lot longer. When you think about it, you feel like “It’s ONLY been a half a year?!”

Tsuya: There have been a lot of different things, it feels like we’ve been a part of the group a lot longer

–In other words, you have become used to being a member of the group

Komachi: I think so. Everyone is in good terms with eachother

Shidare: When you think about the previous members, Rin wasn’t on stage with us at all and Nokichi performed with us on stage only 2 times. That’s why when Kokoko and Tsuyame delivered on their 3rd gig, I felt like “with these members we’ll succeed”. From now on it’ll be ok.

Komachi: It’s funny, since everyone had a different flavour compared to the members we’ve had so far.

Shida: Especially Tsuyas lethargy has become one of the strong points of the group.

Tsuya: Tsurezure is a “violent emotion & lethargic style” of an idol group, but I don’t really violently express my emotions. But during my birthday celebration event, for the first time, I really let out a reaction during the song Post-Katastrophy that I haven’t done with previous songs.

Shida: That’s what you thought??

Tsuya: Yeah?

Kokoko: Your lethargy disappeared??

Tsuya: I guess I could get used to being lethargic, too. But I guess all this was because of it being my birthday (laughs)

Shida: I see, so It’s once-in-a-year kind of thing then (laughs)

“Beastly Fascination, Lethargy, Dance”

–Other members seem to have also grasped their position in the group. What do you feel about that?

Shida: I’ve been told that I have a “beastly” feel to myself. They say I have bity feel. I’ve been told that “I was afraid you would eat me so I had to step back”. Kokoko has that fascinating factor to her.

Kokoko: I don’t really feel like that my self, but the Ultramarines (tsurezurefans) tell me a lot that I have “a fascinating feeling” to me.

–When the gig starts, it feels like you flip a switch

Kokoko: That’s true, since you throw yourself into the gig, you don’t really understand what kind of you is performing. I don’t think that “let’s make this fascinating” before a gig.

Shida: I don’t think that “let me release my beastly spirit”, too. (laughs) Tsuyame doesn’t change, whether it was a concert or something else.

Tsuya: I don’t feel like the switch is flipped at any moment. I just smile like always.

Kokoko: That’s your lethargy. (laughs)

Shida: Komachi is by far the best dancer. She captivates the audience with her momevents.

Komachi: I think that’s the first time I’ve been told that.

Tsuya: It’s like she controls her body all the way to her finger tips. The movements are beautiful.

Shida: The one who carries our performances is Komachi. I, I couldn’t copy her at all.

“The TsureZure of the past has been destroyed.”

–The group has become more noticed during the past 6 months. How do you feel about it?

Shida: It doesn’t feel like our scope has become larger. However, during events with other groups, people tell us that they’re happy to perform with us. Job offers have also increased.

KOKOKO: On social media and so on, our fans tell us that they look forward to watching us perform.

–Do you feel that your fanbase is changing?

Shida: At first, since we are affiliated with codomomental, there were a lot of customers who were fans of ZenKimi. Since our songs have a completely different feel to them, the ZenKimi fans were replaced with people who liked hardcore punk. However, since Tsuya and Kokoko joined, normal idol fans also started attending our events a lot more.

Komachi: With the addition of these 2, the groups image changed to a more accessible one. If it would have been just me and Shidare, we would’ve gone towards a more “core” audience.

Shida: We might’ve become “depression idols” (laughs)

Komachi: It has changed. We have changed too.

Shida: The word “kata-strophy” in the album title has meanings such as “crumbling” and a “tragedic end”. With that significance, the album represents the destruction of the old tsurezure after the 2 new members joined. I’ve been in this group since the beginning and it might be weird that I say this, but tsurezure of old collapsed, in a good way, and this album represents a new start. How we continue from now is important.

“The monster album of 10 songs”

–After you became stable with 4 members, releasing a full album feels good

Shida: The recording was pretty tough, but it was really moving to create a full alnum. The mini-album, AntinoMideology we released in may, was in a good way a ephemereal piece. This time I feel that the album has 10 songs packed with a great energy to them. This is a terrific “Monster Album”.

Komachi: Funny that you say that yourself (laughs)

Shida: I will say it. I frankly think this is a great piece of work. I want to do all these songs in the order they’re on the album and I feel like strongly the reaction from the fans will be great. It’s intense right from the first song, Post-Catastrophy.
It’s a song that packs everything that is TsureZure into it.

Kokoko: There’s an EDM part, there’s screaming, there’s a playful shift change during the song. It’s a really tremendously furious song.

Shida: When we posted a preview on our official twitter account, the response towards the song was huge.

–There definitely is an impact in the first song, but the second song “Doppelgänger” and the way it changed the mood is impressive.

Shida: All of the songs are a bit different from each other. The whole album has the peculiar Japanese poetry reading that is a specialty of ours, yet all of the songs are assaulting.

–Depending on the song, the singing style changes. Don’t you feel that is hard?

Shida: There’s a song called “IkiShiniGairon” where we were asked not to scream, but cry out. However, it made me think “to cry out, how do you do that?”. It was really difficult, when you think about it.

Komachi: Those songs that challenged us in new ways were abundant.

–Each of the songs are pretty powerful, but don’t you feel performing these songs would require a lot of physical strenght?

Shida: Perhaps, it’s very demanding on the audience side too. (laughs) Or in other words, extremely exhausting.

Kokoko: During the november gig, when we performing the songs from album, it was so grueling that you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

Shida: We usually don’t have mc segments on our gigs, so we just continue on singing.

Kokoko: It made you feel like you have to put in your all.

Tsuya: However, when we sang 15 songs nonstop at my birth day gig, I didn’t feel tired at all!

Shida: Umm.. That’s because you didn’t move at all.

(Everyone starts laughing)

Tsuya: I see (laughs). I didn’t move that much, so I didn’t even break a sweat!

Shida: I think Tsuyame will be ok from now on (laughs). She has her part firmly assigned.

“The essence of the songs is expressed by movements”

–Amongst the songs on the album, which one is your favorite?

Komachi: The only song that has a bit of an adult tone, “Indy Skin”. The lyrics for the other songs use complicated words, but this song is beautiful in it’s simplicity. After reading lyrics and wanting to express the feelings that I felt during our gigs, I created the choreography for the song. I didn’t want to just hit the beats of the songs, I wanted to express the essence of the songs by movement.
However, it’s a really difficult, vexing song. That’s why I love it, because it’s vexing.

–There haven’t been things that you’ve created yourself before

Komachi: That’s right. I don’t have dance experience, so I was pretty troubled on how to express things with our bodies during the creation process of the choreography.

Shida: The choreography is really difficult for this song. Komachis sense is basically something that not anyone could mimic. When you recall the movements of the choreography, you get the images Komachi wanted to convey and you feel like there’s still things you need to learn. It’s song where you need to really improve yourself on.

Komachi: It’s hard to teach a choreography that you’ve come up with. It’s hard to put it into words how to move your body or make a certain movement.

–What is your favorite song, Tsuya?

Tsuya: Easily the best: “Doppelgänger”

Shida: From hearing the demo, you really liked it.

Tsuya: It’s a bit poppy compared to our other songs. From the moment I heard the demo, I couldn’t stop relistening to it again and again. I listened to a lot of J-Rock before, so I like this kind of rock-style songs.

Shida: It’s a song that prospers during lives.

Tsuya: Even during the first time we performed it, the Ultramarines raised their hands. There’s a part where all of the members raise up their hands, so there’s a certain friendship factor to it. Feels like the manga ONE PIECE (laughs)

Shida: I feel like Tsurezure doesn’t have much sense of unity, but when we can synch our movements, it feels really good.

“The song that really pushes us forward”

–Kokoko, what is your favorite song?

Kokoko: It’s the last song on the album, “IkiShiniGairon”. As mentioned previously, it’s got no screaming in it, but we are crying out in it. When I listened to the completed song, our cries made me feel the chills.

Shida: This song is a bit of a hard listen. Even the title (introduction to death) has some heavy words in it.

Kokoko: The lyrics are also pretty downers, too.

Shida: I like “IkiShiniGairon” too, but the most important one is the lead song, “Post-Kata-strophy”.

–Why is that?

Shida: For example, when a person that doesn’t know about us hears that song, it gives them an easy understanding of what kind of group we are. It’s got all of the tsurezureness packed into it. I guess it’s a song that will push us forward from now on.

–It’s a work has the songs that are precious to the group filled into it.

Shida: I feel that this album is really good. The last song and it’s sadness is there, but I feel it’s understandable after listening to the 9 other songs. Also, our catalogue became a bit larger, so the choreographies are going to be tough.

Komachi: Yes, we really need to polish up on those before our gigs.

“What ever songs we sing, it becomes a tsurezure song”

–After you release the album on december 11th, your tri-city (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya) tour “Post-Kata-strophy TOUR) begins. Is this your first solo tour?

Shida: Yes it is. We’ve also booked some larger venues compared to ones we’ve previously been in. We definitely have to make them great concerts.

–With the addition of album songs, the concerts change a bit too.

Shida: I’m happy that our catalogue has grown. When we put out the preview songs, a lot of people said that “these new songs aren’t tsurezure style”. When we think about it, we really don’t have a doctrine of “this here is the tsurezure style of songs”. On the contrary, what ever songs we sing, they become a tsurezure song. The point of this tour is to show that notion.

Kokoko: Since our styles vary a lot, there might be songs that might not fit the preferences of a listene. However, those notions change when you come to our gigs. There have been a lot of instances, where people have said that they fell in love with a song after hearing it live. I wish people would come to our lives to confirm their feels on the album.

Shida: There are a lot of songs that you feel differently about after hearing them live. There are a lot of spots on the CDs where it sounds processed.

–How do you feel about having your voices processed

Shida: There’s some chagrin towards it, in a sense it’s like we’re being killed. However doing that, you precisely understand the world view that borns from that feeling. The feeling that inside me, i wouldn’t settle for a compromise. How we sing during lives is entirely dependent on our selves. I want the ultramarines to look forward to hearing the new songs live.

Komachi: There has never been a mould to us, so with the new album our song style has gone to so many places. The new songs show a landscape completely different from our prebious songs. It’s a bit of an abstract thought, but I feel like the colors have increased. The colours of the 4 of us are completely different, so I feel happy when our songs have become different in colour.

“With the new album, want to do our best”

–With the release of the new album your activities are going to become larger in scope, but do you feel there are still some issues you need to personally address?

Shida: I feel like I still haven’t really put my everything into performing. If we have one-man gigs, you have 1 hours or so of time to use it to your hearts content. However, if there are multiple groups performing, you might have only 20 minutes to perform. You really can’t perform yourself to the point of death with that. Putting yourself into it to the point of death is a must, but the times when that can’t be accomplished is my current problem.

–That’s a really motivational problem you’re facing

Shida: Of course you have to put your all in the gigs, but whenever I perform I would like to perform until I can’t stand. I want to die by overworking my body

(everyone laughs)

Komachi: My problem is not related to feeling, but is more of a practical one. I would like to raise the quality of my singing and dancing. Of course I’m putting all of my feelings into it, but I really want to perfect my performance skills.

Shida: Not just showing force during lives, right?

Komachi: Yes.

Kokoko: This is a really subjective problem, but I can’t really extend my screams. It seems that my lung capacity isn’t enough. Everytime we record, I feel insufficient. I really want to become a better screamer.

Tsuya: I’m also thinking about practical things. When it comes to singing live, it’s not comparable to the recording. When ever I start singing, a flip inside me turns so I don’t realize it, but when I see a video of our performances, I feel like my singing has still improvements needed to it. I guess it’s something we all need to tackle on.

Shida: That’s right. We can sing well during rehearsals, but during lives it becomes too hot to sing or you run out of breath and things like that.

–There are times when that kind of vigor is important

Shida: Of course, having a vigor like that is important. Putting our everything into performing and performing a gig to the point we can’t sing is something I want to do.

Tsuya has great taste.

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