Yuki Is Back. Hold on to Your Butts.

It’s the little things in life that make me happy. A well-cooked meal; the cats sleeping peacefully; enough idol news to make my job easy; etc. Or, you know, one of my all-time favorite performers coming back and doing almost exactly what I wish she were doing!

Yesterday, for the Monday Match Game, we took a look back at PSYBOU KANOJO, now defunct for almost a year. The idol in that case, named Utane Yuki, was almost uniquely suited for the sonic blasts she sang and shouted and danced over, and her sudden departure from PK was genuinely sad (thought it did eventually lead to us getting DAIDAIDAI, so silver linings and all that).

But Yuki’s back!

And it sounds like she barely changed at all!

Hell. Yes.

Brutal chiptune

It’s just a tiny bit idolier than her PK work, but Yuki as the idol in front of Nameless(?) (ネムレス) is making me feel tremendously optimistic. My only question is, what does this mean for her project with Necroma’s Sari?

Regardless, what an incredible turn. And thank you, Chris, for pointing this out yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Yuki Is Back. Hold on to Your Butts.

  1. I might write more later but after my first listens:

    It’s nice that there are still some out there making a fucking racket.

    More of this kind of stuff and less adult contemporary soft rock please.

  2. That’s just a demo, too. She’s again with Poptable so hopefully a CD at some point once she gets a catalog of new stuff finished.
    I think the thing with Sari a while back was some nice anisong duets.

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