Yufu Terashima Is Going To Get Us Inside Area 51…

Y’know, we talk about about Yufu Terashima quite often amongst ourselves on the twitters, but I did a quick check and to the best of my knowledge, we’ve never posted anything specifically about her on this blog. I mean yeah, she was a member of that iconic group that pretty much gave birth to the movement, but perhaps Yufu herself goes a little bit more into the sort of pure idol territory that this blog appreciates but doesn’t usually cover.

But when you film an MV for a song that is not gives a fun visual medium to a delightful pop gem, but eludes to the elusive answers of one of the biggest questions that the human race has been asking since it first formed an inquisitive thought, you pay attention!

So here’s Yufu Terashima with “Koi no Daisankakukankei”! (“The Great Love Triangle” approximately.) 

UFOs, Mayan Calendars, Chupacabra, and messages from space! Maybe it was an MV done on a lark, or maybe Yufu understands things we’ve been wondering about with a unique perspective due to her beloved status amongst the aliens out there who’ve been monitoring our transmissions.

If you think about it, it makes so much sense. If you were an alien intelligence and you saw Yufu Terashima constantly in the company of the of these unusual but often very cute creatures, (We call them mascots in Earth terms.) wouldn’t you assume she’s the perfect liason for first contact? And the way these humans surround and worship her, (We call them wota.) wouldn’t you most certainly ascertain that she’s a revered leader of our people?

Clearly these aliens are of an intelligence higher than our own, and who are we to argue? I say we approach the United Nations and insist that Yufu Terashima be our chosen voice for the day that alien contact is achieved. (My alternate pick is Ano from You’ll Melt More!, but that’s another article.)

Ancient astronauts, Easter Island, The Roswell Mystery… these are the sort of things I think we can trust with Yufu receiving the full truth about, and then to disseminate those answers we seek in a way mankind can handle. And ultimately, she’ll simply walk right into Area 51 and show us the goods inside that hanger. And with all this new knowledge, mankind will become a better species, encouraging the powers in the cosmos to decide, “Hey those guys are okay.” 

Also, I really like this song a lot.