Your Usual April Quiz ^_~

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I’m sure you are sometimes lying awake, wondering, “OMG, there is this adorable girl I see in this idol group, ◎◎-chan! Might… might she be what others call an OSHI?” (•̪ o •̪)
We here at Homicidols have your back.
c⌒っ╹v╹ )っ

Don’t fret, only take this short and sweet little quiz to find out!

⋆ . ˚ ✩ ✭ ⋆☆゚Get your journal and your favorite pink gel pen and note down the letters you answer for each question. ⋆ . ˚ ✩ ✭ ⋆☆゚

Question 1: You are watching a live performance of ◎◎-chan’s group. Where are your eyes naturally drifting most of the time?

♥) My eyes are only on ◎◎-chan. It’s like she’s the moon in the night sky!
♣) I look at all the different members. Sometimes, it’s on ◎◎-chan, she’s great at dancing, but all the other members are cute too.
♠) I look mostly at the live chat or I’m on my phone if I’m there in person. I want my presence to be known by all!
♦) What, there’s a live going on? I forgot to set my alarm.

Question 2: ◎◎-chan just posted a new photo on Twitter. How do you react?

♥) I look at the post in detail. ◎◎-chan is super adorable today again, but I want to use my best linguistic abilities to answer the question she asked along with the photo.
♣) Oh, cute! I’ll give it a like and I’ll keep scrolling.
♠) I tell her her group should disband.
♦) I report the guy that tells her her group should disband, but I don’t know if there’s anyone left on the moderation team at Twitter HQ.


Question 3: You are in Japan. You made it! Suddenly, at the station, you swear the girl passing by you is ◎◎-chan, and not just because she’s been occupying your mind. What do you do?

♥) I’m a little star-struck. I smile at her. Maybe she will engage if she wants.
♣) Oh, really? Are the other members around too? I didn’t notice that.
♠) Quick, I take photos of her without asking for permission. Surely that’s not rude at all, she’s a public figure!
♦) I didn’t notice her at all, actually. I think I messed up, oops.

Question 4: You are able to see a live of ◎◎-chan’s group in person. What do you do once the show starts?

♥) I do all the furicopy, jumping and headbanging when ◎◎-chan asks us to! This is the best day of my life! I can see her face IN REAL LIFE!!! If there are lifts, I definitely want to point at her during her solo line!
♣) I’m having a great time, it’s so cool to see the whole group perform and the sound is really different from a live streamed performance that I can watch at home. This is awesome!
♠) From the start of the live, I scream ◎◎-chan’s name at the top of my lungs, non-stop. People are very impressed by my vocal prowess.
♦) I put in my concert-grade earplugs, I want to hear what ◎◎-chan says when I talk to her after.

Question 5: When you are daydreaming, where does your mind go?

♥) If I’m thinking about idols, it’s probably ◎◎-chan! Her shots in the newest MV were striking! Oh and the other day, I got a like from her on one of my tweets.
♣) I’m probably thinking about all the recent earworms from all the idol groups I listen to. It’s true that ◎◎-chan’s group’s latest single is definitely strong but…
♠) What if I used AI to see what ◎◎-chan would look like in a tiny bikini?
♦) *Sigh* I wish people noticed me more…

Question 6: If you are buying CDs, chekis or merch from that ◎◎-chan’s group, what do you hope will be available to purchase?

♥) It has to be ◎◎-chan-themed! What if she had a member t-shirt with one of her doodles on it? Or something she produced? I’d love to have something that really has her essence so it makes me smile whenever I see it!
♣) I’m here for the music first, so I would have to go for CDs. A group poster would be pretty cool too, I think!
♠) I mean, I can get all their music for free if I pirate it, so definitely not that.
♦) I have so many t-shirts already, I definitely can’t buy one more! Although…

Question 7: When you support the group, what do you most want to encourage?

♥) ◎◎-chan, of course!
♣) I want their producer to give them good songs!
♠) I think all idols are kind of interchangeable, you know? They’re just cute girls so if one leaves, I can go for another one overnight!
♦) I want to encourage them to encourage me! Like the opposite of a vicious circle, but it’s all parasocial.

Question 8: You are buying everyday items at the store, a new pencil case. When faced with any array of all the colors of the rainbow, which one do you choose?

♥) ◎◎-chan’s member color, of course!
♣) Something that goes along with my decor or my favorite color, maybe?
♠) I don’t buy it, I shoplift it! è_é
♦) Black like my soul!!!

Question 9: Imagine your cellphone or computer background is now idol-related. What do you think would be the best option out of the following?

♥) ◎◎-chan’s cutest selfie, maybe? One of her sketches or something if I don’t like photos as background.
♣) A good photo from a live show! It looks so cool, it fires me up every time I look at it!
♠) Gotta go with gravure. The racier, the better!
♦) A photo of my cat!

Question 10: You are buying random cheki from ◎◎-chan’s group. Who do you hope you’ll get?

♥) To be honest, I hope I am lucky and get only ◎◎-chan. The other members are cute, but they’re not as sparkly as her, right?
♣) I’d be happy with anyone I think. The members are all lovely.
♠) Gotta get the most popular member. I want to be able to resell it for way more than I purchased it.
♦) I just hope I get some before they sell out! Sometimes, I feel like I’m super invisible and no one will very notice me ;_;

˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ It’s over! Tally your answers! ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚
   ∧,,,∧     ∧,,,∧
( ̳• · • ̳)( ̳• · • ̳ )
/ づ♡ฅ ฅ \

If you have mostly 
It’s meant to be, that’s your oshi!
Clearly, ◎◎-chan lives rent-free in your head. Don’t forget to go back to earth from time to time, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying ◎◎-chan’s idol career to the fullest.

If you have mostly 
Maybe not!
I think you like ◎◎-chan, but it’s not decisively your oshi. Certainly you like her group and you like her, but it doesn’t seem like her presence is essential to your enjoyment or that you want to encourage her over the other members. That’s fine, you don’t have to go steady with a oshi right away, take your time!

If you have mostly 
Most embarassing behaviour
Kyaaaaa (>.<)o! Do you even really like ◎◎-chan or anything about her group? It seems like it’s all about you. That’s not very enjoyable for anyone, you know? None of these actions will get you any friend or put you in ◎◎-chan’s good grace any time soon. Please consider taking a step back from idols in order to be a more responsible and agreeable fan!

If you have mostly ♦
Either you highlight the text to read or we’ve reached the point where Homicidols shows up with a dark mode background. Congratulations, you’ve discovered the easter egg!

Happy April’s fool!