Your Tuesday WTF Is Back to School

Good morning, gang! I was on the hunt for something genuinely weird and (in the eye of the beholder) wonderful, and a random pass through Twitter provided.

Naniwa Rokkasen! The Six Immortals of Poetry! I got a good kick out of this indie-ass project a while back, and they’d be a great candidate for Indie Idol Wednesday under normal circumstances, but, as soon as I saw this, I felt like I had exactly what the doctor ordered.

Those of you who got into Sakura Gakuin should remember the annual year-end exams for each class; much merriment is had, and many a charm point established! They’re good times. And now I’m wondering if that’s more common than I thought, or if somebody got a Mori-sensei jones and just had to indulge, but here’s Naniwa in their own exams:

I have no idea. That’s just two editions of what may or may not wind up being more of a thing.

Idol is weird. But here, have Naniwa’s lone MV as your reward:

Happy Tuesday!