Your Monday Match Game Enjoyment Is Co-dependent!

Welcome back, friends, to the Monday Match Game! Last week, BiS 3.0 convincingly beat out every other major iteration of the alt-idol legends, which is a completely wrong opinion to have, but that’s okay, different strokes for really different folks, and all that.

I really must thank Chris for having brainstorms where mine had run dry, as today’s matchup wouldn’t have been possible without his input. Yes, friends, it’s about to get very Co-dependent up in here.

What happens when almost-weren’t idols from wildly different pedigrees square off for the rights to their own names? What happens when doubles and triples are forced to compete for dominance and the split-second amusement of complete strangers in other countries? I don’t know, but I bet it’s gonna be gruesome.

In this corner, the WACK family’s unofficial mascot, an idol put through two wringers in the span of a month, a person who could have quit but refused to die, possibly because it was all scripted ahead of time; opposing her, hailing from the idle wanderers of Codomomental, a vampy kana triumvirate with a very cubed perspective on herself. Two similarly named idols enter, but only one can reign somewhat supreme!

3 thoughts on “Your Monday Match Game Enjoyment Is Co-dependent!

  1. I never actually gave much thought to the answers when suggesting these and this is surprisingly difficult. On one hand I love Yukueshirezutsurezure and, to be kind, am indifferent to GANG PARADE. On the other hand CoCo Partin is such a personality what with her various monkeyshines, was the star of SiS and I really wish she was in a group I actually liked. I should vote for her on an individual basis but then I imagine Cococo looking at me sadly…

    This is stupid. I’m going outside.

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