Your Homicidols Weekender #99

Hello friends! Let me tell you something: During my little break, I missed the usual daily up-and-down of idol, but what I really missed was doing the Weekender. Why? Because part of what makes idol fun is how incredibly random and diverse and preposterously self-aware it is, and the Weekender is as near a celebration of that as anything. The process of putting it together week after week is like a daily exercise in getting reacquainted with a bunch of stuff you love.

Now, this is the 99th Weekender. The 98th, the Team put that together, and I must high-five their effort. The 97 before that, they took on a certain character over time, which is funny when you consider that the entire point of the Weekender was to give myself less to do. That’s what you call dramatic irony, you know? But we’re now coming up on close-proximity milestones, the 100th iteration and the commemoration of two full years’ worth of weekly posts of catch-all idol stuff. I thought, I should do something cool and special for #100. And I think I will, still.

This is actually a shorter edition because my personal week was pretty short, so I’ll just pad it out for a minute and mention some other housekeeping. Like, hey, can you imagine that it’s almost time to gear up for the Best Of 2018? We’ll do another quick call for nominations in which I imagine is not a ton of time from now, and then do some light culling, but be warned in a simpler process that will hopefully avoid pissing off too many people. One thing that I’d like to do this year is feature more voices from the community in picking out individual winners, so maybe think about why you think what is the best whatever. Hint.

That being said! Let’s get down to it. I’m still catching up and have just so much damn crap to get out, if to have a post on record if nothing else, so bear with me and don’t sweat if something takes a day or so longer than usual to wend its way through to publication. In fact, mind your own business and go play the Fun instead!

Oh Wow, This Really Is That Short

I still have no idea what this project is, but gosh darn do I love this song:

Aina’s got yet another solo gig:

I will also say again, if you ever wanted to get Maniac anything nice, these BiSH band scores are pretty much it:

Behind the scenes of that awesome DEVIL NO ID MV:

Look at this giant-ass SHINGEKI live:

How have I gone this long without once mentioning Sayonara Ponytail?

Asking for a friend:

Oo, joint xoxo EXTREME and MELLOW GREEN WONDER project!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is uijin, who I just want to make sure to celebrate adequately because they’re amazing and shut up you guys you all like stuff too.

Reminder that this post exists, and it has an MV.


BILLIE IDLE doing the gender-segregated shows thing, mostly an excuse to post a photo of BILLIE IDLE:

I really do wish that I could hang out with Strawberry Painkiller:

When GARUDA is on more media than your faves:

Here’s a suitably peppy tune from Happy Kuru Kuru:

When NECRONOMIDOL charts on Bandcamp:

And then 4/5 of them hits up the Lovecraft doodad:

My girls in Wonder Lander got the ol’ Western interview treatment:

Have a great weekend!

Sophia Urista makes me feel things, man