Your Homicidols Weekender #92

Good morning, my friends! This time around, it’s like we flipped a switch; the week was light on idol goings-on, but there was so much random crap that yon Weekender is alarmingly well-populated. Fantastic. And there’s more real-deal actual new stuff to look at, too! The part of me that was out late last night would just as soon roll it all up into here, but life’s better when you can have your exemplars and best pieces, no?

Anyway, speaking of, I have now half a dozen times referred to “what Maniac would do if he had his own Americanized idol group” scenarios just in the past couple of weeks. Well, as the turn of the screw would have it, the last stop on last evening’s sojourn was to what the team lead, so to speak, called “that heavy metal bar.” To my knowledge, there is not and never really has been such a place in this town, outside of maybe some particularly dank hole in the wall that only Pig Destroyer and their friends hang out at. Nonetheless, I went with glee, and it was not a metal bar. Instead, we were greeted by an aggressively not great rapper and, once he was done, a very, very adequate local teen rock band. It wasn’t a bad show, all things considered, and I did that thing where I took it in and imagined idols. But then I also remarked to myself that hey, that one kid, the one who keeps switching instruments and is legitimately playing the hell out of that bass right now, oh and now he’s singing this weird surf song, that kid, that kid is the kind of person who you recruit into your backing band, and then (possibly because I was quite drunk at that point) I got to go down this wild mental road of imagining how the group would come together, the creative process, how we’d succeed and then climb too high and then crash out. It was like Almost Famous in my head!

None of it was real, though. Maybe someday! Wouldn’t that be something?

I digress, probably because I’m stoked about not actually having to travel this weekend like I thought I might. Hey, East Meets West starts in just a few hours! Our man Daemon is representing Team Homicidols (he has fancy business cards and everything!), so expect some excellent interview and whatnot soon. I’m also, knock on wood, going to finally have the time to re-start one ongoing project and maybe kick-start another that I hope you dig. It should be a good end of the year! For now, as always, play the Fun, find yourself something creative or exciting to take up in these waning weeks of summer, and enjoy the heck out of your life.

You Tell the Dumbest Stories

Everybody’s favorite post-human penguin hybrid ex-idol apparently lives in a place with coelacanth artwork, which is simultaneously the weirdest and least weird thing about her:

This is a digest video of that thing that C-Style did to benefit that ruined venue:

Have I ever done anything with 963 before?

If you’re down for that international PassCode release:

Great angle on APOKALIPPPS live:

I love that Ricky revisited Aokigahara before this weekend’s trip:

I’m really eager for something new from mishmash:

Not so long after the reboot, Lyric Holic Noir is losing a member:

So NECRONOMIDOL is doing this thing now:

Nobody does anything as well as KOTO does everything:

Did anybody else notice that THE BANANA MONKEYS picked up a fifth member? Kerrie did!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is tipToe, which is not a phrase that I ever thought I’d utter when I started to write about idols who scream at you, yet here we go. First, you simply must take in this Video of the Year candidate:

My goodness

Also, their split single with DOTS hit this week:

The promotion for which I just flat-out got confused about, but you have to admit that this is kind of compelling:

One of Force is calling it quits next month:

A lot of time has passed since Alive to Rainy dropped this unfortunately named track from their upcoming single release:

969, super stoked:

It’s never easy to describe Lein, is it?

This is some great-ass BiS fan art:

Mere days separate us from the Wagamama Rakia EP:

In other BiSH news, the trailer for their documentary doodad:

Nobody does it like

KINGRAGE live is the new AIBECK live, even though they’re Checkmate:

Another full track from Elfloat:

Courtesy of Krv, here’s Mayumura Chiaki playing duck-duck-goose with fans in Shinjuku:

It’s like the least weird thing she does; I’m going to have to show you guys more one of these days

Have a great weekend!