Your Homicidols Weekender #89

Welcome back to Saturday! Did you all have a good week? Mine was breathtakingly busy, and it’s technically still not done because being on the new side for a fancy-pants job like I do at Day Job can frequently mean being a responsible adult even when the work week is supposed to be over. How rude! However, I can’t keep Maniac Mansion festooned with the fancy trappings and filled with honorees if I quit now — and that’s to say nothing of the jamon iberico that I insist upon eating at every meal!

I jest, of course. If I were to keep Maniac Mansion filled with anything, it would be idols mid-U.S. tour who need a regional base of operations. Of course I’d have to move out or sleep in the basement or something, but: Worth it. Just imagine having Ricky Wilson complain that you’re all out of clean towels! A dream.

Anyway, I hope you guys have been paying attention, because while yours truly could barely keep his head above water, idol cranked up the pre-TIF intensity. Yes, things came out this week. Yes, there’s a new TIF guide. Also Papermaiden’s acquisition of the English rights to The Idol Suicides, which I cannot more recommend that you read (final installment runs today!). And, of course, the Fun; even if you don’t want to play, send Kerrie a nice message for her birthday.

It finally stopped raining around here, so other than some light housekeeping, I leave you goofballs to it. Stay out of trouble!

What Are You Implying?

It looks like our old pal Ten Tenko is gonna be an international star, insofar as anybody who burns CDs of traffic noises, voice modulators and oscilloscope beers can:

There’s are new members of Hakuchumu:

You’ll Melt More! is still cool even if their street-cred days are probably behind them:

To say that I was hoping for more from this THE BANANA MONKEYS number would be an immense understatement:

In case you’ve been curious about that Cinema and Boy CQ that Papermaiden’s series keeps referring to:

“Hey, what’s Yurimaru doing lately?” he asked:

These are some boss-ass photos of Screaming Sixties mid-live collab:

Non prepares for her future career:

Say what you will about sora tob sakana, but you’d better be right about it because they never fail to crush their MVs:

Why Broken By The Scream may be the next big thing:

I think that this is the resurrection date for Kimi to Boku, Tokidoki Melancholic:

What a goddess our ex-oshi is:

Go ahead and watch this REGiNA KiSS doc and tell me what’s missing:

My girls in Husky have a new song, with lyrics, that I’m guessing also has vocals when performed live:

I need to see Kaishin no Ichigeki someday:

In addition to the resurrected FRUITPOCHETTE, Zuma’s doing this other thing:

I miss sharing PiGU, so here they are now as No Surprises:

The incomparable Gokigen Teikoku with a new track:

NoA is working on new material, has a demo:

I defy you to find anybody doing idol better than Dance for Philosophy right now:

There’s something charming about KING RAGE live. It reminds me of the good ol’ days:

The continuing misadventures of Attain Music:

Ayuni D is going to be in this thing:

Have a great weekend!