Your Homicidols Weekender #82

Good morning! I trust that everybody had a good week, especially those of you who hit up the 2&-Zekkyou-Necroma dates in the UK. My message to you? FEH! Why does England keep getting all of the nice things? All they ever gave the rest of us is an overly complicated language and the beginnings of crippling caffeine dependency. FEH, I say!

The lesson here, though, is that if you want idols to come to your country (and even your town!), you’re probably going to have to organize it yourself. Just ask the cats at Orion UK. The good news is that almost anybody can make a contribution to those kinds of efforts, whether it’s on your own, working with friends, pulling together resources via a club scenario, or what have you. It of course speaks to the need to make more idol fans and get everybody better connected, as a good network is a great resource.

Anyway, you’re not here for my opinions on how to make these tours more of a reality; you’re here for the rundown of randomness. Go play the Fun (it’s good, but it needs your participation!), then go look at the final Oshi Digest for Sari before things get really out of hand here in a little bit, and think happy thoughts about how you might be able to contribute to idols right in your virtual back yard being a reality.

And What If I Don’t Want Idols in my Back Yard?

My favorite penguin ex-idol continues to do neat musical things:

The new-look BILLIE IDLE:

The latest from Malcolm Mask McLaren, live:

Idol-unrelated, but I can’t stop watching this video by Bloodywood for any of a number of reasons that begin with South Asian Roger Miret on vocals and includes not long after the wonderfully Bollywood dance ensembles:

I had not, and now we all know WEAR!

I feel badly for constantly forgetting to finish writing the post about this Sorano Aozora summer single, but at least I can bring it to your attention before it goes on sale:

Even idols get hype over meeting idols:

Get to know Candye Syrup:

There’s going to be a new Up Up Girls album soon:

The BiS self-split single, at full strength!

The lovely poem apartment:

At least the art for that Babymetal graphic novel will be cool:

Fresh this morning, behind the scenes with Maison Book Girl:

There’s a Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da card game?

These DAIDAIDAI live clips are entirely too cheery:

You go on with your bad selves, Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders:

Minna no Kodomo-chan in Taiwan:

I’ll be honest with you guys, the full version of that Ladybaby-reunited-with-Ladybeard MV is like my worst idol nightmare:

Husky did a free live:

Oh neat, Cure put out a live DVD:

I finally like a recording of one of the new Babymetal songs to want to do something with it:

Have some additional KING RAGE:

If you remember Artemadoll, you may be interested in sister group CANDYREMIX:

Arisaka Emi is practicing her Photoshop skills:

I may yet want to follow COLOR’Z with actual posts and stuff:

The last of Alloy before they became WILL-O’:

GANG PARADE should just focus on releasing a single every quarter:

A live digest from PassCode’s new single, thanks:

They need to be making more music, but at least this CM is proof that Himekyun Fruit Can is still alive:

The friendship between Shiori and Haruka is a beautiful thing:

Have an exciting weekend!