Your Homicidols Weekender #8

Christ on fire, what a ridiculous start to 2017. I don’t think I wrote anything that pissed off anybody, and it was still a record-breaking week for number of posts and total hits. Thanks, I guess? We can all look back on it with fond memories when we get into June and like nothing interesting is happening besides “hey look at this live video GOD SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING TIF’S STILL MORE THAN A MONTH AWAY.”

Our first graduation of note (yay!) for the year was Sawada Risa, who left Alice Juban / Kamen Joshi on Monday. Now who’s going to carry that enormous … butcher’s knife? on stage at PARMS?

Idols have a tendency to inspire true behavior of dedication in their fans. People will buy them almost anything! They also do things like redesign their guitar to include DEEP GIRL’s Mashiro:

Ten Tenko added this number to Soundcloud the other day:

That bass line, though. You may also enjoy:

Gonna miss you, Koutei Camera Girl Zwei.

Watanabe must have gotten some positive information around a potential Budokan show for BiSH, because the ban on lifting etc. at shows is back on, if it was ever off, if it was ever on to begin with and not just part of his lifelong effort to troll everybody.

Definitely not trolling is this set of custom Zippo lighters (I lover Zippos) design by BiSH members and also in IDOL edition:

Can somebody please buy me that “All you need is punk and love” version?

There’s been some new (as in, unreleased) Yanakoto Sotto Mute music floating around from their gorgeous lives, and I always either miss it or get to it really late, so here are two examples:

I love them so much.

North Wind Impact Choque!, who recently made an appearance in Phillter’s travelogue of your jealousy, are showing renewed signs of life all over the place. Here’s a snip of them doing the pretty cool “Girls in the War”:

And here’s a full set from a couple of weeks back:

The folks at Babymetal Newswire have this nice breakdown of the Kitsune Warriors’ enormous 2016, just to put “I want My Favorite Idols to come to my country” into a little bit of perspective:

This might not interest very many of you, but PAPIROSIER and their full-on nu-metal approach has new material, which might mean more … well, nu-metal, but still.

By the way, you guys are asses:

But not so much as Maki.

Have a great weekend!

Blackened Christian melodeath? I mean.

One thought on “Your Homicidols Weekender #8

  1. It is not decided who will inherit Risa ‘s knife.
    That knife named Gekkazan was originally a weapon of Reika who is currently the playing manager. After she graduated, Nanaka and Yuki were promoted to Alice #10, but Gekkazan could not be accepted. It will be kept again until the right girl appears.

    Hinako left from Armor Girls near the end of last year.
    One girl is missing Steam Girls from before.
    Promoters to these two units will be announced tomorrow night (Jan 8th JST).
    Promotion from Steam Girls to Alice #10 is not foretelled, but may be arranged considering vacancies by Risa.

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