Your Homicidols Weekender #77

Holy moley, you guys, Golden Week was something else, wasn’t it? It’s technically still going, and even without there are a handful of MVs on the immediate horizon, any one of which could happen today, tomorrow or when you least expect it ha!

Sorry about that. At the time of this writing, I’m somewhere between completely wired and completely exhausted, and my brain doesn’t work.

The Fun was pretty good this week, wasn’t it? You should go play it. Also, now that it’s officially hot or getting cold outside, you should feel completely justified in enjoying the heck out of a bunch of idol. Me? I got a bunch of literal heavy lifting to do.

Honestly, Why Do You Think We Care?

This was last weekend, and in fact there’s a post about it that I just trashed on account of it no longer being timely or sensible, so You’ll Melt More!, how about those crazy kids?

Holy crap, Splash! is still performing:

This is pretty all right from Elfloat:

Are you ready for the new single from Maison Book Girl?

If you’re a Pure Idol Heart follower, you are probably aware of the travails of some of his idol friends. Well, The Idol Formerly Known as Both Yukari and Shion in Different Projects is now taking her talents to XTEEN:

BiSH are the queens of all media, I tell you:

I keep fumbling the The Big Lebowski jokes on this one, so … Candye Syrup fights a stranger in the Alps?


Live CY8ER:

Speaking of JyuJyu, have you ever wanted to hear a binaural idol/fan doodad?


It looks like people might like SPARK SPEAKER!

It’s good to see that Ritsuka is still alive, and apparently now friends with BURST GIRL and Shiori:

Synth de La Eve, who were constantly punching above their weight, are now officially dead:

This was supposed to be posted last weekend, but , so … hey, doesn’t the latest from IVOLVE sound kind of familiar?

For the record, I’m in love with PassCode’s new look:

Tiny hellions Minna no Kodomochan preparing for their album release:

But will it even matter?

I don’t think anybody has a higher ratio of “mentioned in the Weekender” to “total mentions on” than AIBECK:

Alex is in love with the new HAMIDASYSTEM thing at least as much as I am:

Never miss out on an opportunity to see how STARMARIE do their thing on stage:

And the ravens, they were five:

Another new one from FunFunFun:

Live EMPiRE:

Exactly what Rein/Lein/Lain should actually be called is still up in the air, but this live is undeniable:

You did know that winning Corenament Bracket Boss Viz Major did the music thing, too, right?

This one’s for all of you RYUtist fans:

Last Question, who are emerging like cicadas at the end of their larval saga, dropped an MV:

It actually happened last weekend, but Alloy performed a new song:

Also, this video series is … something:

Five years of ayumikurikamaki!

PapiRosier went to Thailand!

And speaking of Thailand, you can’t tell me anything more disturbing than ninja acting like a college girl on a spring break beach trip:

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #77

  1. The Synth de la Eve news sours me a bit. They had barely started… Hope this is one of those temporary deaths.

  2. I’m late up on GuguLulu, I totally missed their debut and I’m just now discovering that it’s got Anna from Gusodrop and a former Camera Girl!

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