Your Homicidols Weekender #72

Happy weekend, everybody! The week, which was a bad week, is behind us. The Corenament, which has been a great Corenament (best so far by a mile!), is coming to its tension-wrought conclusion. Idol, which is on a pretty good streak, is doing pretty pretty good. And it’s the season of Zombie Jesus and the Egg-laying Rabbit, and the celebration of putting blood on doors as a ward against death. What’s not to love?

Go do religious things or fun secular things or things that are culturally neutral because neither the Abrahamic religions nor Cadbury have had a chance to corrupt your people. Appreciate the season. Play the Fun (it’s a great Fun!). Go help to settle the Corenament. And ignore the date that’s likewise upon us, because why would it be of any significance?

What Are You Implying?

Prepare yourself for Oyasumi Hologram’s acoustic album:

Your chance to connect somewhat indirectly with Candye Syrup!

When REGiNA KiSS members start do commercials:

SOZELICA, performing with Melon Batake a Go Go, done tore her ACL and will need surgery and recovery time:

I was going to spare you this FunFunFun remix, but nobody’s too good for this level of WTF:

Fits, fits, sure, umm, huh?

By way of contrast:

Codomomental round-up! A new web shop, and auditions with this Eggs thing:

Pretty neat of WACK to call up the old “STUPiG” set designer to help out with EMPiRE’s latest:

Reminder that this happened:

If you followed that MNL48 business (besides supporting Osie and/or Shazy, of course!), you may be aware of accusations of scandalous activity etc. This is apparently how their official media choose to respond:

I don’t share enough of the daily Dots videos:

This is what Shiori’s up to right now:

No, I don’t know what BiSH is doing, either:

Incredibly rare recording of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da doing “ShitEnd Placebo”:

Check out this new one from IVOLVE:

The latest project from BELL is more interesting in this little snip than in their official debut live:

Qumali Depart is a ball of joy:

Apparently also a step ahead of Maison Book Girl!

In honor of Himari’s birthday live, here’s what Bakuon Dolls Syndrome looks like now:

Somebody please tell cana÷biss that they don’t need to turn to Kentacore:

Meanwhile, DEADLIFT LOLITA is having the best life:

I’m sharing this NEO JAPONISM playlist primarily for the oh-so-2001 intro:

Osaka Shunkashuto’s first Avex album will happen in June:


Happy belated, Io:

Have an idolly sweet weekend!