Your Homicidols Weekender #70

Good morning, ding-dongs! Has anybody else been watching the basketball? The actual most ridiculous thing happened last night. Like, I’m completely unaffected by it, had no stake, but here I am in the morning completely incredulous that it happened. This isn’t even a setup for a bad joke about something like my alma mater winning/losing a game — just that a tiny honors university that’s an extension of a state university system did something that was supposed to be impossible, and with players who all looked like they just started to shave.

Oh, and Trivago was finally, mercifully really eliminated from the WACK audition. I think. Is she back yet?

I’ll of course be all over the ongoing drama as the auditions, the Tournament and the Corenament move on today, and it’s St. Patrick’s Day, upon which the not-Irish masses all use that one Scots-Irish great grandparent to present highly racialized caricatures, most notably drinking themselves blind. It’s a mess! This is why, as sensible people, you should play the Fun, do the dang Corenament, and focus on all of the good things that are presented to you below.

What’s This about Drinking Yourself Blind?

The new-look Dempagumi.Inc:

Another Broken By The Scream interview in foreign media, this one in Russian, and I can’t even get a call back:


To follow up on that SPARK SPEAKER EP news:

This is a very rude tweet:


Here’s more of the wonderful GRATIA-ALA:

Still nothing meaningful from APOKALIPPPS, but maybe this will do:

Party Rockets GT released their ninth(!) single the other day and have been doing the live rounds to support it:

Never has the prospect of a free one-man been more terrifying:

Except maybe this one:

This is a good and right opinion and that I finally just saw:


Poppy in Japan, ya dorks:

You Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fans, get ready:

Here’s easily the fastest and most comprehensive album trailer in history, from THE BANANA MONKEYS, who I still think sound like Sakura Gakuin on amphetamines:

You’ll Melt More!, from their live DVD:

I have no idea if Strawberry Painkiller will ever release another record, but Ichigo is releasing another photobook:

Here’s the full trailer for that Earphones album:

As CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL approaches their debut, Daichi is sharing original song lyrics:

I never thought that I’d care about having Himegami CRISIS on Instagram, but here we are:

Here’s the full-powered Attain Music in action:

In addition to being ever weirder, the new Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da cover art reminds me of Del Amitri:

How do you improve two already-great songs? You mash them up to make an amazing song, of course!

If you wanted to book Hanako-san for your birthday party, bar mitzvah, etc., here are some useful guidelines:

I have a feeling that Puu-chan’s free time is going to make for excellent Twitter fodder:

You may enjoy ROSARIO+CROSS:

May the gods help me if I ever try to make anything of this Jumps thing, but this looks like fun:

Quite a goofy collection, Shiori et al:


Chika idols stan chika idols:

This is what happens when you let your YouTube selection play on after you leave the room:

Adding! All of this:

Have an adequate weekend!