Your Homicidols Weekender #170

It’s Kerrie again! Sorry! Not much happened last week, but I think I can say this week was a little more eventful. In terms of personal issues that’s also sort of idol related, I’ve been busy prepping for my first time seeing BABYMETAL on Sunday. Should I check out some of London’s tourist traps while I’m there? Should I head to the venue early? Was it a mistake buying a standing ticket when my knees are damaged enough as it is? Anyway, if you’re coming too, feel free to say hi! And maybe bring me a deck chair? There was a bit more idol news this week too, in particular, the WACK cinematic universe, the most recent of which we’ll start with, how about now?

It’s PEDRO en masse!

I was debating making an article about Dreamcatcher‘s Scream for those sweet, sweet K-Pop clicks, but it wasn’t quite at What levels of loud enough. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad song though. In fact, I highly recommend their new album!

Live Broken By the Scream is the best kind.

(Short Ver.) videos are a crime against humanity, especially when depriving us of full Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders goodness.


BANZAI JAPAN are coming to the UK this Summer.

Thai idol metal you say?

Have you met PinkySpice?

The idol-turned-YouTuber-turned-Businesswoman team up we all needed.

MOBIUS more like NO-BIUS- I’m sorry.

We don’t talk a lot about Kolokol. That might change with their new album.

scribble scritch disbanded late last year, but they’ve now been rebooted and rebranded as scramble scratch! (The two members of their sister group HANAMUKE are also in this new incarnation.) They’re promising some new music and video very soon!

Oshiloss Corner

Without warning, GANG PARADE‘s Haruna Bad Chiiiin has up and left the group. The notice was incredibly sudden to such a degree that nobody filled in her lines during the WACK FUCKiN PARTY tour performance. To give you an idea of how long it’s been since somebody left, not counting Aya Eightprince and Kamiya Saki’s rental trade, GP’s last member withdrawal was Inukai Maya and Shigusawa Ao who left in 2016.

A full translation of the withdrawal message is available over at #1 and only English language GANG PARADE fansite pretty pretty GANG (@enjoyplaygang)

Ano goes to Ikea

SHOCKING NEW EVIDENCE!!: Did Tsuyame leave  Tsurezure for violating the boyfriend clause?

Everybody knows that (former LADYABYRei has a band with her sister called BRATS, but did you know that they are releasing a single every month for seven months? Here’s  the second in that series:

Pour Lui’s not the only attendee of the WACK Audition Camp 2017 to try forming her own group this year.

Have a good weekend!!

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  1. did you listen to 143~ and NEO JAPONISM newest songs? I am a fan of both!
    And I became a fan of Owayoru recently, their new song is so good!

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