Your Homicidols Weekender #59

Happy Bitter End of 2017, you guys! The Yearender, so to speak, is coming tomorrow; I tried to keep the hot takes to a minimum. For the current week, it’s pretty obvious that nothing much of substance was going on, and the Weekender is nothing if not a total poacher of low-substance material for your half-hearted browsing needs!

So let’s close the book on a year in idol that was neither great nor bad, often good but also often missing standout moments. This week’s Fun is doing great and you should join it. When you’re ready, enjoy the madness to follow.

But I Liked 2017, Maniac

When #IdolChristmasSweaters ain’t enough:

Meet the newest members of Party Rockets GT:

But who’s going to replace Haruka in a few months?

You tell ’em, Rin!

I was surprised to not see more hubbub about that CY8ER album release:

I’m pretty sure that you can get that for free, Zeela:


I missed Q’ulle’s other MV, which fortunately is more in their idol-ballad range:

When you let an idol who calls herself Satan recap the year:

At least There There Theres has a built-in consolation response when members graduate:

This is so stupid: Now merry merli is done:

I wasn’t the only person to interview NECRONOMIDOL last week; here’s Eclectic Arts:

and John

Meanwhile, back in Japan:

Yanakoto Sotto Mute, live:

Also SAKA-SAMA, who deserve to be the next big indie thing:

I was listening to uijin while flying back from Seattle, and that album really didn’t get enough love:

Aina’s fan club made sure that not only would she be wished a happy birthday in style …

… but that anybody could make their own at home!

Here’s REGiNA KiSS with a band:


I guess Woltanative has a new song:

Oh no, Ninja has an thing now:

Some idols, like sora tob sakana, are just playing a different game:

Still wondering when Senritsu Melody will put out something good and shareable:

This is as heartwarming a thing as Oshi has ever done:

Tell me that you wouldn’t pay to see Gokigen Teiokoku battle APOKALIPPPS:

I don’t know what it’s like to transition from full-on idol thing to band project, but it’s nice to see CODE OF ZERO still doing things:

I also thought I’d include some items from Idol Christmas; Halloween is perfect for idols in one way, but Christmas is perfect in others.




And of course:

Have a great weekend!

Bonus Gekijo-ban

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    • Oh, I don’t know anything. I just started to assume that her days were numbered when she started the solo work, and then her old partner Fumika graduated, and the group’s direction changed, and … it’s inevitable, anyway, so I’m going to be right eventually. 🙂

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