Your Homicidols Weekender #52

Holy smokes, you guys, it’s official: We’ve managed an entire year of Weekenders. Here’s the first one; this thing has evolved somewhat over time, hasn’t it? Still your #1 source for an approximate week’s worth of random idol doings and excellently chosen music that’ll put hair on your chest!

I was going to run a little promo in the Weekender’s honor, but … well, that I don’t quite always have my stuff together should surprise nobody, and the thing in question is not only not yet in my possession, but it might not be for a while, and I’d rather not make too much of it until I’m actually able to see and appreciate it, so; no promo. Instead, consider this whole dang thing an example of fan appreciation. I love you goofs.

I’m basically out for the weekend, though, and praying that nobody does anything interesting and I miss it. Enjoy this stuff, play the Fun, think really hard about just how much money you’re willing to spend on Necroma now and in the near future. I had promised that we’d do the Nomination Tango this past week, but we’ll do it beginning this coming Tuesday or Wednesday instead. Deal?


Remember when Kayseur used to do translations? I sympathize entirely with the desire to take on a whole new, absolutely absorbing labor of love:


It’s a wild Yuna sighting!

This is a very well-named Kindan no Tasuketsu joint:

Screaming Sixties forming a new collaboration unit:

You know, I’m starting to wonder about this whole BILLIE IDLE LAST ALBUM thing:

Man, Task have fun should take their own advice:

Bury is new to idol and no longer new to the drama of idol!

I’m so down with KAMO right now:


Live You’ll Melt More:

There’s going to be a Nameless album!

Alloy appeared in this MV:

We need to find more opportunities for Mashir/lo to do what she’s really interested in:

Speaking of the unfortunate survivors of the DEEP GIRL Disaster, look who’s releasing a single!

There’s something weird and hypnotic about the song

There’s a release date for Kaqriyo Terror Architect’s second:

What Osaka Shunkashuto members have seitansai, do they just dance in the middle or something?

Could I interest you in some Koutei Camera Girl Drei?

PiGU released a live video that’s half black frames:

My guilty pleasure Wonder Lander updated “aozora”:

Snowdrop will disband and re-form as a new unit:

uijin live:

New Tsuioku no Monochrome demo:

Get to the RHYMEBERRY party!

Have a blast this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #52

  1. This weeks edition of dude with zero social media presence scoops social media butterfly Homicidols on his own website is brought to you by
    Deadly Emomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomo!! (hope I didn’t forget a mo) member Enma in charge of the color blue, bare feet and co chair of the newspaper skirt club pictured here on the left.

    She sent out this video from a recent performance, watch the bottom right at the 17 second mark to catch a glimpse of a Ramenshuriken in the wild.

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