Your Homicidols Weekender #5

Before anything else: Christmas is just a week away, which means you’d better be out shopping and caroling and whatever else you do to spread holiday cheer and live in Norman Rockwell’s dreams. While you’re at it:

A Whole Bunch of Junk from the Past Week

We’re deep into final voting for the Best of 2016 ourselves, but other folks have already put together their best-of pieces. This one from @fishuisland is idol’s top 50, and it is lousy with a bunch of our favorites:

Ten Tenko, ex of BiS and currently of a world that would scare most people, released a new MV in which–

You know, just watch it:


It’s been a little while — ever since the relative disappointment of “Tabidachi no Uta” — that we checked in on ayumikurikamaki, but of course they did the Mannequin Challenge:

What a bunch of weirdos!

There’s some ambiguity to this, but nicamoq, one half of BPM15Q, seems to be hanging ’em up.

The outcome seems to be that the retooled BPM15Q will continue with Rinahamu at the helm, but /shrugs. CY8ER, their additional project (like #13 in Rina’s current body of work), is wrapping up, however. I think. I dunno.

A bunch of you kids like BAND-MAID, so it may interest you to know that their upcoming album will be released in the West via JPU, and you’ll have fewer hoops to jump through to get it:

And now BAND-MAID has appeared on the pages of!

Hinata Suzu, formerly of petit pas! and not yet having her own Alloy-esque project announced, is a huge-ass Guso Drop fan and was fortunate enough to celebrate her birthday with them:

One of the hard-charging sleepers in our Video of the Year final, Up Up Girls, is on the way to a big ol’ international event, and good for them.

The too-good-for-us Negicco, who are as tradol as I’m usually comfortable getting (especially now that they’ve largely outgrown the whole idol business and are more of a straight-up pop group), slipped this gem onto Soundcloud the other day:

We had a chance to catch up with Koutei Camera Girl Zwei the other day as they wind down activities. This formerly unreleased track found its way online and is just loaded with the bittersweet:

I seem to be the other person I know who’s as into Ophelia 20mg as I am; that’s your loss, amigos. But nobody is immune to the power of this outfit:

Have a jazzy-ass final fall weekend:

13 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #5

  1. I saw the Ophelia picture on your twitter and I really need to get into her music. It would be criminal to snob any properly Gothic Lolita idol*

    *Except Meltia. I tried, but I can’t, everything is too pastel.

  2. Looking at Rinahamu’s tweet and message, CY8ER will have a debut performance on the 24th. BPM15Q is pretty much finished. Rina says she was so upset about Nicamoq not being in CY8ER that she was not even going to go through with it at all, but after talking with Nica she had decided to do it. She wants to fulfill her dreams with CY8ER and Nica will always have a place to come back to if she wants.

    I haven’t kept up to date on what happened in the past day or so but what I know about the events that transpired it seems that DJ AGELOW was involved in a conversation with a friend, a female fan who is important to Nicamoq. He apparently told her private information which Nicamoq attests to included information about favorite idols and artists. Then this female fan also talked about it with other people. Nicamoq is claiming that the info he told is incorrect and factless. AGELOW has since made a personal written apology to Nicamoq that he is sincerely sorry for the trouble caused and for not confirming the facts. She also says that Rinahamu has become a great president/manager. Although they will go opposite ways she will always support her all the way. She is sorry they can not go to Yokohama Arena together however Rinahamu being there is enough reason to go. From Nicamoq: “Dreams absolutely do come true. Once more I truly thank you. Rinahamu and all the fans thank you for all the laughs.”

  3. I found this collaboration between Takeshi Ueda and a girls group called Lynchburg Lemonade all the way back in 2007:

    Through some searching i could figure that it was released on a compilation CD made for the fashion brand Katie( ) but i could find nothing else about Lynchburg Lemonade.

    Anyone have any information about them? Was it an idol group? Was this the only thing they ever released? Who are the members?

  4. Re: fishuisland’s countdown video: DEEP GIRL and UpUpGirls are STILL growing on me. I dig them more every time I hear them. And that Kit Cat song, for that matter 😛

  5. Besides the unfortunate CY8ER news, I feel like the universe has been throwing me a few bones in the past few weeks, at least in terms of fanservice. Did you see this?
    Did you loop it 25 times in a row like I did?

    A Youtube spiral brought me to that Lynchburg Lemonade video in the past, as well. Either that, or something else from that compilation, because I remember doing the same Google searches and finding the same slim pickin’s of information. I remember giving up, feeling like anything that happened in 2007 was ancient Egypt and it’s lost forever 😛

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