Your Homicidols Weekender #43

I have very little to say! Rare, I know. But we had another decently cool week in idol, and I’m sorry, it’s football season now and my mind will officially be even more on other things for the next little while, and then hockey and basketball also start and I’m going to re-dedicate myself to personal music after the new year (read: after wounds heal), so my mind’s a-wandering a little. But double hockey sticks to the H-E, somebody is idol is always going to do something interesting.

If you’re anywhere in the path of a natural disaster right now, I really hope you manage to stay safe. In fact focus on that. You other guys can worry about the #IdolHeaven Fun on behalf of those who need a pick-me up.

Yes, Maniac?

Enjoy this full live from MIGMA SHELTER:

The PiGU sister unit, CECiL, which also includes both members of PiGU, somewhat launched the other day:

If you were interested in picking up actual PiGU’s one-man DVD, here’s the info:

Did you happen to see the latest from our dude Andy?

When Necroma met sugartrap:

The song is dope, but featuring some Candye Syrup in the video is doper:

Look at Kanna from REGiNA KiSS:

I love that PassCode is teaming up with the going-defunct Himekyun Fruit Can for this show:

It was Sari’s birthday, so PLIC PROCK debuted a new song:

If somebody scores me one of these limited CDs from uijin, I’ll be their best friend forever:

Ten Tenko:

Now how did Dots get this photo of me reacting to Dots for the cover of their LP?

Did you see them on The Night?

This is how Eco Kaiju … actually, I don’t understand this at all:

The newest member of Kaqriyo Terror Architect:

Apparently, DEVIL NO ID decided to capitalize on the fact that Japanese people don’t know how to rotate their phones 90 degrees to view a video in the proper orientation:

Meet the members of Imonikomi, which I will remind you is not only a limited-time group, but has about a month left in its lifespan:

Maki is one of the world’s truly great humans:

Very interesting, aminyan:

Welcome to autumn!