Your Homicidols Weekender #42

Happy Saturday! You may or may not know that the United States, the country whose official religion for approximately 70 years was anti-communism, decided some time ago that this May Day business was dangerous stuff, so They invented Labor Day for the first Monday in September, which then semi-officially became the last weekend of summer. The permanent upshot? Three-day weekend! Being the industrious Maniac that I am, I will of course be spending a good bit of that time not only laboring for Day Job, but also making upgrades to Maniac Mansion. Labor indeed!

However, you’re not here for that stuff; you want the Weekender. And good for you! Very little of substance is happening in idol right now, so this little junkyard of the random and weird and not-worth-a-post honestly covers a lot of ground. You can kill a few minutes here, go play for the Fun, shake your fist in impotent rage directed in the vague direction of an idol industry that seems to have priorities other than your happiness … really, there are lots of ways to be productive!

Make with the Goods, Maniac

Can you tell me why this is my favorite tweet in a long time?

Tsuya’s cats were one of the unsung heroes of the 100 Days of Tsurezure, and now we know why; because mom buys the little monsters Ikea furniture:

Marbles is still as dead as they were a month ago, but I forgot that their official Twitter still exists and still, once per week, on Sunday at 11:00 p.m. JST, tweets out the link to their YouTube account, which also still exists.

I am required to share new Negicco because I love them despite their having all the edge and attitude of freshly washed linens:

Raise your hand when you spot the one glaring error in this otherwise-great piece on the founding of NECRONOMIDOL:

Whatever, Waka:

Sure, Bonnou Paradox, whatever to you, too:

As long as it isn’t that insufferable song from Frozen, Aina can do whatever she wants:

HAMIDASYSTEM with a great making-of teaser, and also great misadventures in Google Translate:

Oomori Seiko is incapable of not releasing all of the video:

If anybody has video of this show, please forward it directly to my brain:

FunFunFun, aka the current project of ex-Bokura no Oyugi and AMiE leader Ruru Summertree, slipped this new one onto Soundcloud:

EP out soon!

Queen of the Cheki:

BiSH is now selling convenience store ramen:

Your weekly reminder about 969:

When Gokigen Teikoku met PiGU:

I’m digging this Paradigm Shift series from WiLL:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da will be the queens of all media:

Reminder: Sakohata Aya is great:

No idea:

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #42

  1. I might have said Wack is “AKB48 for hipsters” and “about as “alternative” as Coca Cola” but now i must retract and apologize for those statements; clearly anyone who shills supermarket ramen for a megacorp is a true rebel alternative icon!

    • I don’t remember ever thinking Wack or any of it’s groups were the 2nd coming of Fugazi nor do I think shilling for 7-11 ramen is materially different then shilling member specific zippo lighters.
      It’s is the BUSINESS of show and without the business there is no show.
      First rule of Idol- Beware the Kayfabe.
      With that said if Aina’s doing Disney songs I hope she’ll put out a song and video covering this classic.
      Not technically a Disney song though it is from a Disney (Touchstone) movie and who wouldn’t want to see Aina Rabbit ?

    • I would like to strongly disagree with this statement because clearly they are hocking convenience store oden, a completely different beast.

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