Your Homicidols Weekender #4

What a week! Of course, there was plenty of stuff between the cracks and around the edges and just generally not in the ol’ bailiwick, but we can gawk at it anyway.

First, a Favor

Our pal at Pure Idol Heart has connected with a young woman in the Philippines who’s trying to advance in the audition process for AKB48’s Manila-based affiliate, MNL48. Shazy is her name, and the original ask was simply to support her in this vote/favorite first round of the process.

Well, some butthead decided to tell Shazy that she wasn’t thin or cute enough to be an idol, and folks just have not stood for that. Despite starting off deep in the 200s, Shazy has gained support from all over the world and now stands somewhere in the 40s, which is more than enough to advance to the next round and have a chance to sing on TV to show her stuff.

If you’d like to throw some support her way:

You need a Philippines phone number to be able to register to vote, but we found that it was as simple as looking up a Domino’s in the yellow pages (literally) and picking a number at random.

And now on to our regularly scheduled business:

The Other Stuff from the Week That Was

I found out about this story last weekend, but such was the environment with this and this that I didn’t want to come across as making something honestly pretty mundane into salacious gossip (let the real idol press do that on their own). Anyway, a Slime Girl (Alice Project) is facing graduation because … she’s pregnant. Raise your hand if you expected to ever see that sentence written. But as Jul pointed out when sharing the news, the Alice Project doesn’t have a no-dating rule, so this may have in fact just been a matter of time.

Let it be known forever and ever that this site supports idols as pretty much a blanket policy, but especially idols who break the mold and do their idoling differently. In this case, here’s Tokyo Cafe with some pretty danceable hip-hop:

It’s not from the past week, but that’s when I saw that Gala Lion had shared it, so that counts, darn it!

Keeping things non-traditional, though we already got a taste, Koutei Camera Girl Zwei put out a more thorough teaser for their new album than just that video from the other day:


If you wanted to see a good year-ender for BiSH (seeing as how they’re on a break til Aina’s return), look no further:

Last week, Especia gifted us a short image video for “Danger.” On Wednesday, they gave us the whole shebang:

A week ago today, ever-confusing idol-or-not hardcore/metalcore band HATEGLEAM, who I once upon a time swore had as good a chance as anyone of breaking out internationally, had their last live. Twitter is dormant, and the members are dust in the wind.

On the other hand, we got confirmation that Hug Me lives, and from the Word Made Flesh herself:

Babymetal got booked for the gig of a lifetime, but they also cleaned up on the charts:

Living Dead I Dolls not only went and got themselves an actual website, but use it to go through their Twitter feed for their self-advertising adventures on Japan’s Saturday afternoon.

The professional weirdos in Gokigen Teikoku did the Mannequin Challenge:

And in maybe my favorite bit of video from the entire week, STARMARIE and notall have beef!

What’s notall? That’s what you call foreshadowing, folks.

Have a better weekend than these two guys:

5 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #4

  1. I hope Shazy makes it on to MNL48. It would be awesome for when I go to the Philippines and see her perform and to be able to tell her that we supported her from the very bottom ground up. And also to spite that idiotic MFer who told her she’s not good enough for overcritical reasons.

    Yeah Alice Project is one of the few idol agencies who permit their girls to date. Their only stipulations is that the person they date can not be a fan or a staff member. I guess it means that if I pretend to dislike Kamen Joshi I may actually have a chance with that goddess Moa Tsukino xD

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