Your Homicidols Weekender #396

I am back home after spending a well-deserved week-long vacation in Los Angeles. My trip was bookended by Miho’s US debut last Saturday and Isiliel’s Wednesday band set with Lilin. In the days between, I ate my way through LA Japantown. I had great time, ate some great food, and it was awesome catching up with some of you all in person. 

One big piece of news dropped at the end of Miho’s live: she will be returning to LA in September with 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san to play the legendary Whisky a Go Go! 

This creates a conundrum for some of us as it takes place the very same weekend that Yurapico will be appearing just 350 miles away at Saboten Con in Phoenix.  Life is not freaking fair!

Luckily, we also got plenty of remeinders this week that good things do happen in this world. For example:

MELON BATAKE A GO GO heals all wounds.

And if that didn’t help, MAD MEDiCiNE prescribes this MV they created to support their new mini album. 

Burgeoning new idol unit, ponderosa may bloom, released a live MV to support their debut single.

Tokyo Psychopath gives us this sweet anthem for Pride Month. In case I forgot to tell you, “HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!”

NO❤︎AF released a new album whose title is a sweet tribute to The Specials.


A surprise PV for one of the great deep cuts off of Metal Galaxy. This is what BABYMETAL would sound like if they did a collab with Prince.

Fabulous rookie unit, U3NEKO tease their latest single.

NARLOW puts about a gigaton of energy into this live.

Extraordinary vocal project ZnC:WL have relased thier second album.

ExWHYZ is still way too classy for this site.

More on our level: SOCIALxMATCH wanted to make a music video but they didn’t have the budget.

EVE have just dropped their seventh single.

We always love to see Ac!u Gromov.

And we always love downerprism.

Oshiloss Corner

SZWARC is ending activities on July 16th. Both Ramy T Talata and Noki No will stay with TAPESTOK INC. and start new activities.

may in film will disband after their 3rd anniversary live on July 3rd. 

PLEVAIL will disband after their 4th anniversary live in September.

RASCAL CLAN is disbanding in August.

New Radio Taiso Club disbanded earlier this week.

Oshifound Corner

Anzu (of the recently disbanded New Radio Taiso Club) Has joined IQ99.

ano is doing a collaboration with Maximum the Hormone.

Have a Good Weekend!!

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