Your Homicidols Weekender #395

Greetings from Chinatown, Los Angeles. It’s midnight, and the family residing in the room next  door to me in this hotel with paper-thin walls just decided to throw an impromptu fiesta. Since sleep is currently out of the question, I’m taking this opportunity to put the finishing touches on The Weekender in the hopes that things soon quiet down and I can get some rest. I will definitely need it as tomorrow (well, technically, today since it’s after midnight) is a big day. Namely, it’s the US debut of Miho:

I will be sticking around LA (albeit in a much nicer and, hopefully, quieter hotel) for Isiliel’s performance on Wednesday. Himari seems to be making the most of her current visit to the States.

Something to look forward to: Yurapico will be performing on electric guitar for the first time at her US debut at Saboten Con.

sui sui recently released a stellar album called LOVE and have followed that up with this beautiful MV for their last single before they disband forever on June 23rd.

Straight out of Niburu, ERISU has dropped a new single and accompanying MV.

The album cover for the new situasion went decidedly metal.


As Teffycom pointed out, last week I neglected to mention the debut release from Codomomental’s latest digital hardcore unit, futatsuna.


The always-fun Ryutist cuts straight to the point with “WOOT!”

The new one from CYNHN features a sweet and dirty bass line. Funky.

Oiran Dochu picks up where the Wagakki Band left off, but in idol form. 

Devil ANTHEM. leave us a new PV to help remember them by.

AFTERS gives us Christmas in June with “MACHO SANTA.”

OISHII AIMAI  stay ambiguously tasty.

Oshiloss Corner

MEMENTO will be “strategically dismantled” on July 3rd. That’s a new way to put it…

SOUND LABYRINTH KANONON will be graduating from MAGMAZ on doctor’s orders due to the worsening of a chronic  illness.

Mikoto Shinsui was dismissed from GLIM of GRAND .

Oshifound Corner

We finally got some information on the future of the recently graduated members of the late-great MIGMA SHELTER:

Brazil would like to experience the life of the unemployed for a while. Nagimuh would like to explore her musical career as an independent. Everyone else will stay on as talent with AqbiRec, so we will hopefully see them again soon in some form. I recommend putting them all in a reboot of Gu-Gu LULU please.

Have a Good Weekend!!