Your Homicidols Weekender #394

While we all struggle with the end of our beloved MIGMA SHELTER, some were lucky enough to be comforted in our time of loss by idol appearances close to home. According to dispatches from Europe, Yurapico and GARUDA have successfully conquered both London and the Netherlands and were last seen heading straight for Cologne.

Meanwhile, Isiliel has been taking on San Francisco and also dropped a brand new MV to kick off the US leg of her 2024 world tour.

For my part, I will be heading to Los Angeles next weekend for the US debut of Miho and Isiliel’s LA show. I hope to see some of you all there.

Okinawa Electric Girl Saya collaborated with Aika Higashimori on this song with lyrics in two endangered Japanese languages: the Okinawan dialect of Uchinaaguchi, and Yonaguni, an indigenous language currently spoken by only a few hundred people.

Quubi deserve far more attention that we give them.

ATARASHI GAKKO! really buffed up for this MV to support their brand new album.

Indie PIGGS is best PIGGS.

Buddha TOKYO makes a return to streaming services, and there was much rejoicing.


NARLOW release their candidate for song-of-the summer with the very addictive, “ZoZoZombie!”

Speaking of addictive tunes: the BABYMETAL x Electric Callboy collab has been stuck in my head all week.

A RAY PV from their 5th anniversary show.

BLUEGOATS give a nice emo punk tune and MV that makes it difficult to remember that this group is the successor unit to the BANANA MONKEYS.

usabeni has an MV to support her latest EP.

Devil ANTHEM. are determined to make their last year count.

Anaru Rairai of PLANCK STARS has dropped solo single.


Meanwhile, label mates JUGS MAFIA released  new song and MV.

Art student idol unit, ∞lette, release an MV inspired by sakura season. 

Oshiloss Corner

Good news: MIGMA SHELTER was trending on Twitter! Bad News: It was because they were were holding their final rave before the graduation of all members and entering a period of indefinite hiatus. Details on what the members will be doing post-MIGMA are sparse, but we will shall any word as soon as we hear.

Momoko Kikuchi is retiring from 8bitBrain as she is suffering from an adjustment disorder (which I learned is “a mental condition typically triggered by a serious emotional event”). It was also announced that Anzu Manji 100% and Sari Merone will also be graduating effective today. 

The excellent End of Misery held their last live and the guy in the back flipping off the camera is all of us.

Matcha Latte ReQ is graduating from Zessei no Imperial Collection in September and then from all idol activities in January.

Ayana is graduating from The Candace. In related news, The Candace are recruiting for new members.

Miku is graduating from pinponpanpon.

The last three members of We who do not give up, dance with cats in a rainy world。 are graduating in July.

munen is disbanding in late July, but all members will continue idol activities in some form.

Oshifound Corner

Kotori Sarai (ex. Gekizyou Refrain) is the vocalist of the new rock band, OBSESS HEDERA.

Have a Good Weekend!

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