Your Homicidols Weekender #392

I know I said I would get the Readers Best of the Year (so far) out this week, but I did throw in the caveat, “unless life gets in the way,” so I think I am covered. I am shooting for Monday now. Unfortunately, until idol blogging pays more bills than Day Job™, the day job takes precedent. Day Job™ is also responsible for the Weekender going out late this morning but it is also subsidizing my trip to LA to see Miho and Isiliel next month,  so it must be tolerated. But it’s the weekend now, so it’s time to forget about work and concentrate on all the stuff that makes life worth laboring for:

From the South Korean scene: a web comic about going to see an underground idol gig has gone viral, giving some of our favorite live idols, including X!DENT and NEKIRU, the meme treatment. 

All of the groups featured in the comic then held a free live yesterday.

I don’t know much about ENVY PARANOID, but that needs to change after they dropped this absolute banger.

BABYMETAL team up with Electric Callboy for their most addictive song and MV since “PA PA YA!!”

Much goodness from RAY: they released this MV for their latest single as well as a  PV from their recent 5th anniversary show.

The third album from sui sui is their best by far. I have had this on repeat all week.


We always love to hear from SAZANAMi Λug.

REBEL REBEL dabbles in shoegaze in their latest single.

Title Mitei is a always treasure.

We are in the last days of Craveit! Enjoy them before their late June reboot as  Hellzapoppin’.

Idol supergroup, NARLOW, have dropped their summer single.

If your aren’t still infected by “PassioGila”, GANG PARADE have provided a booster shot with this PV.

Oshiloss Corner

Kamikaze Sensation has ended activites.

RUNAMEN is leaving POPPY.

EuropaDelic has nullified the exclusive contract with Aimi and apologized after admitting that she was the victim of power harassment  (verbal abuse and assault) within the company. On the same day, Lyau was terminated for an unspecified, serious breach of contract.

Captain Misato, who has been on hiatus, will be leaving NOW DRAMATiC.

Pure White Canvas will disband in November.

Oshifound Corner

Koutei Camera Gal has apparently reactivated. I don’t remember an announcement, but they are playing gigs.

Hina (MANACLE, ex. NECRONOMIDOL) got to meet the child of Okaki (ex. MANACLE and NECRONOMIDOL).

Speaking of ex. members of NECRONOMIDOL: SARI, Michelle, and Rei all spent a day out together.

 Younapi (GOKIGEN, Heppokoz, and ex. You’ll Melt More) and POCHI (ex. CY8ER) are voice actors in this crazy musical project from Bandai Namco.

Since it was revealed at the beginning of the month, Love (ex. WAgg) has dropped about a metric ton of new material from her new project, THE TRAINSTRAINS. Here’s the latest installment.

KOTO uploaded this 10th anniversary MV out of nowhere.

Have  Good Weekend!!