Your Homicidols Weekender #391

After 390 Weekenders, it’s getting progressively more difficult to come up with a unique preamble for each Saturday’s post. This is the least important part of the whole article though, so I doubt it matters that much. I thought of just recycling old intros and seeing if anyone noticed. Maybe I’m doing that right now. In the end, it probably doesn’t really matter, because all of the important stuff that you’re here for starts after this paragraph ends.

A quick reminder that this is your last chance to let us know your favorite singles, EPs, Albums and MVs of the Homicidols year so far. I am aiming to post everyone’s picks this Friday, but life sometimes gets in the way, so no promises.

MAD JAMIE continues her tour of Europe.

Isiliel is returning to the UK.

Just three weeks until Yurapico and GARUDA arrive on The Continent.

Kingsari crank out a lot of PVs, which makes their rare MVs even more special.

They got new outfits, a new MV, and the coolest name in chika idol: CALETWOLF.

anew hit pretty hard for art idols.

CYCLONISTA, the source of some of the finest punk idol in the genre, just dropped one of the best new albums of the year.


It is nice to be hearing from Malcolm Mask McLaren again. Here’s an MV for their latest digital single.

We got a delightful new solo song from Yua Uchiyama of RAY. (EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that this release is over two years old. Yes, I am terrible at this.)

Old favorite, FiDZ, released their first song under their new system.


We don’t feature enough NightOwl around here, but it’s not entirely our fault. They are too busy being chika idol A-listers to release new videos.

Another manic MV from our favorite hyperpop newcomers, pinponpanpon.

Fellow member of the Class of ’24, Lycoris just dropped their first EP, but we missed this MV is for their previously released debut single. Thanks to Fredo for bringing it to out attention over on the Homicidols Discord server.

One of our favorite new things in 2024, YA’ABURNEE drop their debut EP.


Another of our new favorites, U3NEKO release another single.

Title Mitei is a treasure. They’ve been dropping a new PV on their channel every day this past week.

YOLOZ looks like a great time

Finally drops a ton of funk and syncopation into their latest single.


Osaka hard rockers, Quubi, also have fun with rhythms in their latest. 


It’s impossible to be depressed with Pomeranians of Despair.

Coed BiSH successor, BiTE A SHOCK, put out a new lyric MV.

I just love the name, MOON RABBITS.

Let’s hear it for the boys! Yaba Danshi release a new PV.

Idols in Focus

Ziensa always brings the most interesting finds to the Homicidols Discord server: meet the curiously-named, ponderosa may bloom, who debuted back in March and whose members are, mostly, veteran idols :

  • Sayu Miki (ex. Last Note)
  • Ririka Sakuraba (ex. manima-ni)
  • Momi Naruto (ex. Pupil More!)
  • Kaname Hiyosaki (ex. Asoko de Kuma ga Odotteru!)
  • And newcomer, Misa Akase 

The unit has released their debut single and MV, “Your Sunny Girl,” by the group’s producers, Haruki Funasoko (lyrics) and Azusa Suga (music) of shoegaze band, AprilBlue. Azusa Suga (ex. For Tracy Hyde) is also well known around these parts as a regular composer for RAY, airattic, and the late, great Dots Tokyo

They are managed by SOVA, the agency supporting RAY, airattic, and tipToe.

Oshiloss Corner

she will be graduating from Dadadams due to conflicts with her job in the medical field. She will continue on with the agency but in a capacity with more flexibility.

Karen Yuu will be graduating from Caress Van End in late June and leaving the agency.

Everyone is graduating from GREAT MONKEYS in June.

Enjoy the final PVs of Craveit. On June 30, they reboot as Hellzapoppin’.

Oshifound Corner

Kakizaki Riskai (ex. MANACLE, NECRONOMIDOL, and Zessei no Imperial Collection) is a mom.

It’s difficult to be zen about the return of Buddha TOKYO.

Underbeasty have rebooted as UNBS.

FRUITPOCHETTE are officially on hiatus but dropped this MV to remind us how they are responsible for a lot of us being here in the first place.

Ruan (Cinema & Boy CQ) has joined a new band called Ibara Hime

We missed this item from late March, but Cough brought it to our attention over on the the Homicidols Discord server: PERi UBU (ex. BiS), who vanished for over a year without explanation, has re-emerged to explain that she has been battling alopecia. She says the condition is getting better, and that she will be wearing wigs and restarting activities. 

Have a good Weekend!!