Your Homicidols Weekender #390

It’s been a long, odd week and I think we all deserve some credit for getting through it. Some of our favorite idols have been trying to help us survive by dropping by in person.

MAD JAMIE is currently tearing up Europe an seems to have broken the sky. Here’s a link to details on all of her appearances.

A quick reminder that Yurapico and GARUDA are heading to Europe next month.

Isiliel has announced that her upcoming shows in Palmdale, California and Philadelphia will both be bands sets! Isiliel also landed a gig opening for Coppelius this Fall.

 Also this fall, DIABLEVOIX, GARUDA, and SATANIC PUNISH will be visiting a couple of cities in Europe.

airattic release an MV for a song from their Whatever EP that landed on our Best of 2024 (so far) list.

anew released MVs for a couple of songs off of, INICHIJYOU, one last year’s best albums.

An early front runner for B-Side of the Year, here’s ASP performing, “Japanese Girl.”

  NARLOW released a new single and B-side this week. They also put out this lovely MV for an unreleased piano ballad 

Chii Mayu of CHEMICAL X has released a solo single.


You can get the new EP from  YA’ABURNEE as a free download for the next few days.

Misola de edison have beamed us this new MV from their parallel world.

Anthithese released their first full album.


Billed as “Big mischief from two tiny people,” meet MAD MEDICINE sub-unit, Chichamedo.

JIEMEI release their new power ballad, “REVOLUTION.”


The new album from TENRIN has a very straightforward concept.

An odoro live looks like a blast.

Oshiloss Corner

QUEENS is disbanding in July. Long live QUEENS.

Who Runo was dismissed from Seireki13ya for a serious breach of contract. She missed two concerts saying that she was ill, but she was really attending auditions for another company.

Nemuko Nekono is graduating from LIEWAN in June saying, “I’m going on a trip,” and denying that she is pregnant or getting married.

Yua has left We, who won’t give up, dance with cats in a rainy world.

DEMO held their last live.

Yuyuka is graduating from Panic Monster !n Wonderland and retiring from the entertainment industry on May 30th in order to care for her family.

Oshifound Corner

Antithese announced the addition of two new members including Ikeda Rino, formerly of JILLASTED.

Amino Coromi (ex. MELON BATAKE A GOGO and The Grateful a MogAAAz) has welcomed a child into the world.

Chiffon (ex. You’ll Melt More and APOKALIPPPS) is recovering after surgery for uterine cancer.

Have a Good Weekend!

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